Month: May 2015

Guide to Leadership Development


  • Developing Self
    • Understanding job duties and roles
    • Handling job Responsibilities
    • Taking Responsibility for Personal Results
      • Developing Others
        • Communicate using different styles to match employee
        • Able to set expectations for team
        • Able to Coach and develop others on team
        • Handle professional conflicts
          • Demonstrate Team Leadership
            • Improving Work Processes
            • Showing Continuous Improvement
            • Create a written plan for continuous improvement
            • Demonstrate an understanding of the work process
            • Project Management Skills
            • Ability to quantify improvement
            • Understand Quality Control Systems
            • Understand and create Performance Management Systems
              • Leading the Business Environment
                • Lead with Vision and Direction
                • Creating a Stake Holder focused organization
                • Leading Transformational Change
                • Improving Organization Morale
                • System thinking and developing
                • Business Strategies development
                • Scenario Planing

Do You Want to Be A Great Manager or Supervisor

Duck Dodgers as seen in Wrath of Canasta.

Daffy Duck a “Leader”?

Do you want to be a great manager? Do you want to make your days go by easier? Do you want to work a 40-hour week as opposed to 60-hour week? Here are two steps that might help.

Become aware of how much your team knows and help your team develop. Help your team develop by providing industry-wide knowledge. Find a way to send articles or information once a week or maybe twice a month that will help them expand their industry knowledge.

Use email to control your week. Two simple emails will help you take control of your week. On Monday send an email to all stakeholders to all involved your expectations of work for the week. At the end of the week, you then would send a second email outlining your accomplishments. Of course, you need to have checked off the vast majority if not all of your expectations from the start of the week.

From Player to Coach

From Player to Coach or from Staff to Supervisor.

A key point to consider:

As a new leader you will need to set goals.  Please take an hour or so and write down your personal goals.  I know that you are busy trying to apply all of the skills to be a great leader and learn the technical aspect of your jobs, but writing down your personal goals should be your top priority.  What is it you want to “DO, BE or HAVE”?  Don’t be shy, write them down.  Do it now.

Best Thoughts and Practices from an Outlook 2013 (2010)



Best Thoughts and Practices from an Outlook 2013 (2010) workshop presented to one of my clients in New Jersey.


When you create a new email, you will see the following ribbon.


And then select the drop down arrow under Signatures.


It is here that you can begin the process of creating your personalized signatures.  You should create a signature for both a new email and a reply. Don’t worry it will not take long.



You can edit your text just like you are using Word from the Microsoft Office Suite.



You can link to web pages or insert pictures in your signature line as well.





Type the address of the link in the box and click “OK” to save the location.

A word of caution:  The reader may not want to wait all day for your pictures to load. Setting up a signature not only saves time but will help you create a professional brand.  Set up a signature today if you have not already done so.