Are You Getting Enough Quiet Time?

Clipped from: Executive Summary Taking time for silence restores the nervous system, helps sustain energy, and conditions our minds to be more adaptive and responsive. For example, silence is associated with the development of new cells in the hippocampus, the key brain region associated with learning and memory. But cultivating silence isn’t just about getting respite from the distractions of…

Prefrontal Cortex and Negativity

Prefrontal Cortex Your Prefrontal Cortex is responsible for, in part, your attention span, perseverance, judgement, impulse control, your ability to be organized and problem solving. The prefrontal cortex supervises time management, judgment, impulse control, planning, organization and critical thinking. Your ability to think ahead and be successful depends on the health of your Prefrontal Cortex….

The Challenge of Emails

Rapid response expectation   In a study by Good Technology they found that 38% of employees routinely check work email at the dinner table, 50% do so while still in bed, and 69% won’t even go to bed without first checking their email.

Experiential Leadership

  Experiential learning may be the key to successful leaders becoming more than they have been.  When a leader learns from their experiences, their skills will snowball.  With diligent study and experiential learning, the future can be very bright for leaders across the Earth. Harvard Business Review reports, more than $24 billion is spent annually…

What Happened When I Replied “Call Me” To Every Email I Got For A Week

Email, Email, Email What Happened When I Replied “Call Me” To Every Email I Got For A Week Clipped from: advertisement After forcing himself to become more “phone-prone,” this CEO finds that empathy sometimes equals efficiency. By Allen Gannett  4 minute Read The sound of descending chimes. Funky MIDI elevator music. Ughhhhhh–why is my phone ringing? Can’t they…