Goal Setting and the Theory of Motivation

Goal Setting and the Theory of Motivation

Let me start by saying that Motivation is not enough.  Let me add, Goal Setting is not enough. Using the SMART method for Goal Setting is not enough.  How many of us have tried to set goals using the SMART method? How many of us have pumped ourselves up with motivation and watched it all slip away before the end of the month?  How many of us have written our goals down on a piece of paper or told people what our goals are, so that we can be accountable? How many of us have sat through a Goal Setting Workshop (including my workshop) and not seen our goals come to life?

The formula for successful Goal Setting is not a hard one; it is just easier not to do the work.  Let me say that in a different way.  To achieve everything that you want is easy.  You do not achieve them because it is easier to fail.  It is easier to blame someone or something else instead of looking at yourself. If you formed, the habit of being completely responsible you would see just how easy achieving your goals really is.  If you formed the habit of being completely responsible, you would soon see yourself soaring to your goals.

Jean-Paul Sartre (um 1950)
Jean-Paul Sartrd

“Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. It is up to you to give [life] a meaning.” ― Jean-Paul Sartre




Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling through an endless diamond sky ` Aladdin



Take a moment right now and see yourself soaring.  See yourself soaring free and clear.  You are free and clear to gain all that you want to have.  Stop and do this right now. Close your eyes if you need to.  Feel yourself soaring into the endless diamond sky.  Are you free?  Are you living your dreams? Do you feel lighter?  As you feel yourself growing lighter and lighter you can see all that you have dreamed of is coming to you.  You do not need to work for it so hard because it is coming to meet you as your soar.

I have seen eagles here several times, but thi...

Did you do this short visualization exercise or did you decide to take the easy way and pretend that you are to cool, too sophisticated, to busy or just too… to do this?  What are you scared of? Are you scared of your success?  It is OK if you are scared.  Just go back and soar.  Do it now, this is a first step to making goal-setting work.  Can you see yourself soar?  Relaxing, think about where would you like to fly, feel all your goals coming to you.  Relax, let go, let all doing come to you.  The key to Goal Setting is letting it come to you.  Your goals will come to you when you combine visualization, SMART, and motivation.  When you combine all three, the theory of motivation and of goal setting work.

There is a lot more to do.  So let us get started here first and move forward.  If you can visualize your goals, feel your goals, and measure your goals, you have no choice but to achieve your goals.  This is a law.  See your goals, feel your goals, achieve your goals.

This Science of Goal Setting is just that, a Science.


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