Attitude is More Important Than Intelligence

United_Airlines_Boeing_777-200_Meulemans-300x200Attitude is More Important Than Intelligence

From a lecture based on an event that saved 355 people’s life’s. Including my own.

Be Passionate – love what you are doing so much that nothing will get in your way!
When you have a dream that is powdered by PASSION every opportunity seems to appear on your behalf and at the moment in time when you need it to appear. But, you must have the PASSION for it or it will not appear. The desire, the work ethic, the vision, and the ability to not hear the negativity that others will try to impress upon you. Empowered, passionate people drive the world to a better place.

Are you a person of PASSION?

Having a passion for what you are doing is only one part of an “Attitude That is More Powerful Than Intelligence”. Start with PASSION and then you are on the way. Do you have an all consuming PASSION that helps you create a vision that is so strong you can taste it? Do you have a PASSION that is so powerful that when your loved ones cast doubt you will do even more? Do you have enough PASSION that when you cast doubt, you do even more. Do you have enough PASSION that you can overcome what the expert’s say. Do you have enough PASSION to Park the Plane At The Gate.

Do you have a passion for what you do?

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