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Glenn Daniels

Author, speaker and analytical human behavior specialist

Glenn Daniels has over 25 years experience in working with thousands of individuals and organizations to help set strategies that create powerful changes from within. His clients are spread across a variety of industries including the United States Military, communications, insurance, medical, funeral and network marketing.

His goal is to improve their bottom line by sharing skills that motivate entire teams to learn and be able to quickly apply their new found skills. He does this through entertaining and informative lectures and workshops that unleash the potential of each employee, teach the skills of human persuasion, and connect personal goals and corporate growth.

The end result is the creation of compelling personal and corporate goals that align with each other, and the setting of significant personal, marketing and sales strategies, which ultimately improve the bottom line for any business.

Glenn’s publications include:

  • The Divine Law of Attraction and Spirit
  • Growing Your Businesses by Growing Your Spirit
  • The Science of Analytical Human Behavior
  • The Science of Goal Setting
  • Investing in Real Estate

His current programs include:

  • The Science of Analytical Human Behavior
  • The Science of Goal Setting
  • Growing Your Business by Growing Your Spirit

Glenn can create a program that is tailored to the specific needs of individuals and corporations. Program options include: 60-90 minute keynote presentations; ½ day workshops and full-day seminars and workshops. His speaker’s fees range from $2,500 – $6,000.

For more information on these programs or to make a booking;

  • Visit Glenn’s website at or
  • Email


Comprehensive List of Workshops & Lectures (past and present)

  • The Science of Goal Setting

Learn to create, measurable attainable goals. This class will teach participants how to set goals that would empower them to create success through their professional life.

  • Analytical Human Behavior

Perhaps the most important skill is the ability to persuade. By studying Human Behavior the participant’s persuasion skills will grow by leaps and bounds.

  • Growing Your Business by Growing Your Spirit

From the soon to be released book “Growing Your Business by Growing Your Spirit

  • Tele Sales (Filling Empty Seats)

A course designed for Reservation Sales Agents at United Airlines. This course helps turn information-seeking callers into filled seats.

  • Software Project Management Skills

Learn to bring your software projects to market on time and within budget. With the blending of the Waterfall, Extreme, and NASA Project Management Methodology.

  • Accelerated Learning Skills

A course to help the Adult Learner build confidence in their learning skills. Using the skills of “Accelerated Leaning”, learning becomes fun, quick and easy.

  • Using NLP for Sales Success

The Science of Neuro Linguistic Programming is used to increase the participant’s sales ability exponentially. This course offers a “Double” your money back guarantee if your sales do not increase by at least 10%.

  • Mind Reading

Read the mind of your perspective client. Know how to say things just the way your client needs to hear them.

  • Walk the Fire, The Key to Freedom

If you can walk across a bed of hot coals that are over 1800 degrees, what can’t you do?

  • The Magnificent Seven Plus One

Students will learn seven laws that will create a powerful workforce. These universal laws create a paradigm shift in the beliefs of the participants.

  • Sales Mastery (The Six Week Course)

A course developed by Tony Robbins that guarantees results. This intense course is designed using The Science of Neuro Associative Condition.

  • Unlimited Power

A Seminar developed by Tony Robbins that allows the participant to make radical shifts in their lives. As a Certified Trainer for Mr. Robbins we deliver a life-changing event.

Television Productions

  • Success Through Learning

Interviewing leaders in our community to discover their keys to success. By modeling successful people, our road to success is smoother.

  • Sales Success with Human Behavior

A television program teaching the Science of Human Behavior and how to create Rapport quick and easily.

Significant Course Work

Training the Trainer

Powerful Presentation Skills

Adult Learning Skills

Accelerated Learning

Neuro Lingusitc Programing

Neuro Associatvie Conditiong




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