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What I do: I help Organizations succeed in improving their Leaders to increase productivity in measurable ways. Success happens by providing a customized workshop that we will design for your company and culture. With a focus on Communication Skills, your company will reduce turnover, improve employee accountability and create a team that is highly productive, relieving stress on you. A customized Leadership program that is interactive, fun and promotes real change. Using the Kirkpatrick Model to help demonstrate a level of continued learning for your organization.

How I do it: Your program will include both onsite training and will continue the training process for six months with online coaching and weekly homework to continue to sharpen the skills of your Leaders. I do the heavy lifting of creating a workshop that provides measurable improvement with your Leadership Team.

Why it works: I’ve been coaching for over 25 years and have come to the recognition that all training, especially those that teach soft skills must have a measurable means to show a positive ROI. We do this by lowering labor cost with lower turnover, improving the coaching and counseling process, helping your team hire better candidates, help leaders empower and motivate their teams in the language they need to hear to want to follow. All of this leads to an improvement in the overall productivity of your organization. These learning experiences are just that an experience. Your Leadership Team will do the work, they will interact with each other, and they will walk away with skills, techniques and the motivation to apply them. They will continue to sharpen their talents with us for six months after the conclusion of our on-site training.

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