Dealing with Difficult People

This is a day of intensive training with immediate payback. Learn to take the offensive against know-it-alls,
dictators, snipers, gripers, “yes” people, “no” people and all of the other contrary characters you confront every day.

Do you recognize these people?

The Know-It-Alls
They’re arrogant and usually have an opinion on every issue. When they’re wrong, they get defensive.

The Passives
These people never offer ideas or let you know where they stand.

The Dictators
They bully and intimidate. They’re constantly demanding and brutally critical.

The “Yes” People
They agree to any commitment, yet rarely deliver. You can’t trust them to follow through.

The “No” People
They are quick to point out why something won’t work. What’s worse, they’re inflexible.

The Gripers
Is anything ever right with them? They prefer complaining to finding solutions. Of course, you recognize them.

They’re the people you work with, sell to, depend on, live with. Learn to deal with them quickly and confidently
in Dealing with Difficult People.


Key Notes, Workshops, Break Out Sessions

  • Player to Coach

    • Avoiding the pitfalls of being newly promoted!

  • Time Management Using Outlook

    • Discover the unknown secrets of organization with Microsoft Outlook

  • Understanding Difficult Employees

    • Developing the employees that we do not like.

  • The Science of Goal Setting

    • Setting powerful and profitable goals

  • Professional Civility in Communication

    • Avoid deceptive verbal and visual cues that prevent clear communication

  • Analytical Human Behavior

    • Why We Do What We Do



Platinum Package

Your choice of any two Breakout Session or Keynotes from above. (Total of 3)
Any additional service that you may require
Available for the entire conference

Gold Package

Your selection of any one additional Breakout Session or Keynotes from above. (Total of 2)

Silver Package

The Science of Goal Setting  45 minutes – 1.5 hours


I never assess an hourly or daily fee, since you should not have to make an investment decision every time you see me, nor should your people have to seek permission to spend money if they need my help. This is a unique feature of my services.
Fees for the above options are:
Platinum: $5,000.00
Gold: $3,500.00
Silver: $2,000.00


These fees are inclusive of expenses.  All travel, administrative, logistical, and communication expenses are included, (travel may not be included with the Silver Package) so there is no further amount due for any option.

Payment terms for any of the options are:

  • Fifty percent due on acceptance of this proposal.
  • Fifty percent due 45 days after acceptance.

We offer a courtesy discount of 10 percent when the full fee is paid upon acceptance.

This project, once approved, is non-cancelable for any reason, although it may be delayed, rescheduled, and otherwise postponed without any penalty whatsoever. My work is guaranteed. In the event, you feel that I am not meeting the standards described herein or based on our mutual conversations and agreements, I will refund your entire fee upon such notification.

  • Additional Services
    • Master of Ceremonies
    • Panels
    • Break Out Sessions
    • Virtual Seminars
    • A spokesperson for your organization
    • Host for Meeting Events
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