Do you find yourself thinking or saying any of the following?

1. There isn’t enough time to get everything done.

2. If I arrive only a couple of minutes late, it should be okay.

3. I do not know what is coming up on my schedule. I will make it work.

4. Each day, each event is all the same.

5. If anyone asks me for help, I give it. After all, I am glad that people trust and respect me.

6. Conflicts on my schedule are the norm, and we are all humans.

7. I have a legitimate reason for the times I am late.

8. I always gather all the facts before I decide.

9. I do not understand why people can’t relax a little. I am only a couple of minutes late.

10. My email is my saving grace because it helps me stay on track.

11. I am burnt out.  I can’t do anymore

You have a time management problem. The question is, how are you going to fix it? How are you going to let time serve you instead of time being your King?

Where will you go to handle this all-important issue?

Do you know all the shortcuts and tricks for your email program?

Do you have written goals for the year, month, week, and day?

Do you review your calendar each night so that you know what is coming the next day?

Do you review your calendar at the start of each day to help you decide what your goals for the day are?

Do you know what your top three priorities are for the day, for the week, for the month?