Do You Want to Be A Great Manager or Supervisor

Duck Dodgers as seen in Wrath of Canasta.
Daffy Duck a “Leader”?

Do you want to be a great manager? Do you want to make your days go by easier? Do you want to work a 40-hour week as opposed to 60-hour week? Here are two steps that might help.

Become aware of how much your team knows and help your team develop. Help your team develop by providing industry-wide knowledge. Find a way to send articles or information once a week or maybe twice a month that will help them expand their industry knowledge.

Use email to control your week. Two simple emails will help you take control of your week. On Monday send an email to all stakeholders to all involved your expectations of work for the week. At the end of the week, you then would send a second email outlining your accomplishments. Of course, you need to have checked off the vast majority if not all of your expectations from the start of the week.

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