Dump the “Sandwich” Method for Coaching (part 1 of 3)

The one coaching technique to discard is the “Sandwich Cookie” method. Giving one statement of praise, one statement of a critical nature and finally another statement of praise. This process was intended to create a smoother, easier way of delivering criticism or coaching. Many management classes are still teaching this method and many establish managers and supervisors are standing behind this method and insist that it be used.

If your team opts to drop the “Sandwich Method” it is of course not a license to speak to your team rudely.  Always remember that it is the manger/supervisors job to develop the skills of the employee.

Two alternate method’s that will create powerful and useful connections with the employee while keeping the focus on the issue that needs to be handled and corrected.

SWOT Method




The Most Important step is to discover a solution:

Ask the employee –

How do you suggest that you handle this issue/challenge/problem?


In future posting we will cover two additional methods.

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