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Experiential learning may be the key to successful leaders becoming more than they have been.  When a leader learns from their experiences, their skills will snowball.  With diligent study and experiential learning, the future can be very bright for leaders across the Earth.

Harvard Business Review reports, more than $24 billion is spent annually on leadership development. Without implementing experiential learning in the process, many leaders will have a difficult time employing their new skills. Leaders are not able to create the new habits necessary to gain mastery.

A leader may have years of experience this does not create them automatically better. Experienced leaders often fall into a trance of day to day operation, just getting through the day.  Learning more is not the norm.

What is your mindset today? When a leader demonstrates a growth mindset, they will work through the learning process. Learning what they need to know while using their experience to enhance the new information.

The first step to success is discovering what it is that they need to know.  This might be a goal of learning communication skills, increasing EQ, or seeing how to handle difficult employee.  A leader with the learning mindset will look for or create new projects, and the classroom will be a space to review, role play, and talk about the consequences.

Utilizing the new learning in the current culture by creating learning lab. A leader interested in improving their ability to persuade, for example, would note the difference when they sit in different areas of a room as well as different body postures they may try.  The careful notation about the results is key.

The concluding step is for a leader to document, document, document their outcomes.  This documentation should show the difference over a previous period.  This could be weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Leaders should be able to honestly reflect on their performance.  This honest reflection must include the positive effects.  Seventy percent of your review should be positive, build on your strengths.

Leaders with the learning mindset will protect the company from legal entanglements, high turnover, poor morale and poor production or client serving.  The bottom line, the organizations will create a more profitable environment for all.

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