Get Over It!

cingulate cortex.
cingulate cortex. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Using the power of your Brain to “Get Over It”!


The Cingulate System of the brain allows you to switch from one subject to another, to take notice of different aspects of the world.  The Cingulate System is at least partially responsible for being flexible, your ability to go with the flow. To have a joy filled life flexibility is King.  To discover new skills and techniques being flexible is King. Creating compelling goals is also in partly controlled by the Cingulate System.  When the Cingulate System is not working correctly, a person may find themselves occupied with fear when there is no reason (facts) to be fearful. Additionally, when the Cingulate System is not operating correctly, a person will tend to become stuck in a negative pattern of thinking. A person struggling with the Cingulate System will hold on to grudges, hurts, and worries of the past. It is possible that this same soul can develop compulsive behaviors.

The Cingulate System of the brain not operating correctly will cause people to “Get Stuck”, thinking the same thought over and over again.  When this happens, the answer may simply come down to you breaking the pattern in yourself.  Sing a song to yourself, play with a pet or go for a walk. Another method for getting unstuck is to focus on the words “Get Over It”. Focus on those three little words to the exclusion of all other words or thoughts. Tell yourself time and time and time again and again “Get Over It”.

“Get Over It”, a simple three-word phrase that will help you in going forward and letting go of the stuck thought pattern.


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