Good Leaders versus Great Leaders

In life, we try to strive and achieve better things. We don’t usually settle for things that are already in front of us; we look for things ahead of us. Our world keeps on growing; inventions continue to spring up from seemingly nowhere and suddenly, our life got more convenient.

Why should we settle for good leaders; we need great leaders to lead us to create a better world for everyone.

Good Leader versus Great Leader

A great leader takes on a unique approach that doesn’t just only help people find success, but also helps them see the best in themselves, to build great in life for themselves.

Great Leaders allow you to realize what you can do- 

A great leader can impress you with who you are. They do not want to change to someone who you not, they want you to be everything you are meant to be. They will utilize your strength to motivate you to become better. A good leader, on the other hand, will show you what they can do. They will impress you with their capacity rather than focusing on your capacity.

Great Leaders show you what they’re capable of not tell you –

A great leader is an example of someone who executes they don’t talk about it because they understand that “Action speaks louder than words.” They become an example to follow. Great leaders become both your ally and your leader. On the other hand, a good leader spends much of their time blowing their own horn.  Telling everyone what they’re capable of achieving.

Great Leaders will help you believe in yourself-

Telling people that they are great is important, being flattered by words is not enough. Great leaders will have you believe in it. It comes down to the little things that a great leader would do, the respect they give, the attention they provide, and the trust they give their team. Great leaders do not just see his/her followers as a means to make a profit, but rather, a great leader would make his/her followers stay true to themselves and be inspired to destroy the boundaries that limit them to become the best versions of themselves.

Great Leaders disrupt-

A good leader can enhance the status quo by continuing to move forward without taking risks. A great leader does the opposite; they manage to move “upstream” and discover new possibilities, both for themselves and their people. They look for different perspectives and manage to invent new things and ideas which will benefit all. With these, great leaders often attract attention, both positive and negative.

Great Leaders use their weakness as their strength- 

Though a little ironic to hear, it is what makes great leaders incredibly different from other good leaders. While good leaders cover for what they can’t do, great leaders explore with what they can do with their weakness. They take it as an opportunity to grow, to learn new things, to be able to understand how to manage their weakness into strengths. Great leaders will utilize their weakness as a way for others to shine. They may seek help from their people, and both will benefit. The great leader will turn his/her weakness upside down.


Great Leaders know where they’re going to be a year from now- 

While a good leader only knows where he/she will be for tomorrow, a great leader has a concrete visualized goal and is already headed straight for it. A great leader will motivate and help their people, but instead of depending on them for the direction they are going in. They bring to the table all of their energy, efforts and hard work to get to the desired destination.  The destination that they see for next year, five years or 100 years down the road.


Great Leaders provide both direction and force- 

A great leader has the clear vision and the will to get there. A great leader requires the whole team to help each other out. Never allowing anyone on the team to say  “that is not my job.” They are all together in battling to create success. On the other hand, a good leader has the motivation and idea but doesn’t have the will to get in the battle. A good leader will rely on everybody to push the team to success.

A good leader may contain some characteristics of a great leader but is still unqualified to be one.

A great leader has all of the traits mentioned above all of the time.



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