Growing Your Business, By Growing Your Spirit

Growing Your Business, By Growing Your Spirit
The study of how you’re Divine Spirit can help Grow Your Business.


Goals and Objectives

• Present an innovative, but in some cases, an ‘Old School’ way to connect with your Divine Spirit.

• Provide a learning experience that is skill based creating a superior way to grow your bottom line.

• Motivate participants to use their new found skills and exercises immediately and in the future.

• Create the relationship between new skills, current skills, and the power of creativity, to increase the power of Your Divine Spirit to build your Business.


Program Description

Abstract: Growing Your Business by Growing Your Spirit

Growing Your Business by Growing your Spirit will help you become more relaxed while creating more of the change that you would like to see from the inside out. When you participate in this workshop or keynote, you will find yourself using the most powerful force in the entire Universe to grow your business and spirit. Growing Your Business by Growing Your Spirit will help create a stronger connection to your Divine Spirit, giving you peace, creativity, flexibility, and all of your dreams with ease and grace.

Your connection to the Divine Spirit that you are will be made easier. Your company’s bottom line will improve immediately.

How good am I at connecting to my Divine Source? How much better will I be at connecting?

Each participant will walk away with a new understanding and an excitement to get out in the world and start using their new found and powerful connection. While answering the previous questions with an astounding, ‘I am a connected; I am getting better each day; I am allowing each day;

Presentation summary:

  • If something is taken for granted then you cannot be grateful for.

The color of taste.

  • An affirmation of truth

I Always Win

The Looking Glass

Toe Tapping

Finding the Rhythm.

  • Adding on to the Affirmation of Truth – Exercise
  • Running the Affirmation of Truth – Exercise
  • Hiding the Affirmation of Truth – Exercise The Hardest Exercise Ever

Understanding the Rules

Rule 1

Rule 2

  • A New Affirmation of Truth – Demonstration

Rule 3

  • A New Affirmation and New Connection – Exercise

Story Time

  • A boy not unlike others.
  • A gift beyond all others.
  • A realization of the Divine
  • An Ode to Joy
  • It’s complicated – It only takes practice

It can’t be done – Really!

  • Do not listen to yourself
  • MARCH TO WHO YOU REALLY ARE! Final Questions
  • What excuse can you now give?
  • Is gratitude really the key?
  • What great work of art are you now ready to create?


  • Non-spoken power

Presentation Options

Option 1: ½ day workshop

 A workshop that will provide the audience an opportunity to participate in the power of their own Divine Spirit. A brief Visioning process is offered to use the power of clarity during the workshop. Participants will also have the time and ability to do some journal-ling to help clarify their connection with their Divine Spirit during a brief mind expanding exercise of connection. Two business related exercises on how to be congruent while Growing Their Business by Growing Their Spirit.

Option 2: Keynote (From 30 minutes to 2 hours)

 A presentation that will give the audience an opportunity to participate and gain an understanding of the principals involved in Growing Your Business by Growing Your Spirit. (The above course description describes this option. Cost

Please email for a quote on course costs.

Contact details

Glenn E Daniels II
Email: gedaniels@divinelawpublishing
Telephone: 720-443-3232
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