Guide to Leadership Development


  • Developing Self
    • Understanding job duties and roles
    • Handling job Responsibilities
    • Taking Responsibility for Personal Results
      • Developing Others
        • Communicate using different styles to match employee
        • Able to set expectations for team
        • Able to Coach and develop others on team
        • Handle professional conflicts
          • Demonstrate Team Leadership
            • Improving Work Processes
            • Showing Continuous Improvement
            • Create a written plan for continuous improvement
            • Demonstrate an understanding of the work process
            • Project Management Skills
            • Ability to quantify improvement
            • Understand Quality Control Systems
            • Understand and create Performance Management Systems
              • Leading the Business Environment
                • Lead with Vision and Direction
                • Creating a Stake Holder focused organization
                • Leading Transformational Change
                • Improving Organization Morale
                • System thinking and developing
                • Business Strategies development
                • Scenario Planing

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