How to Handle the Challenges of Being a New Leader

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In our own lives, we often change for the better. Our physical appearance, appliances in our homes, our lifestyle, our daily choices, and so on. This also applies to organizations; new leaders provide fresh ideas and innovative approaches to be able to grasp success. However, new ways of achieving things result in the rise of further hindrances to keep new leaders from success. Here are a few.

Immediate Success- Working under pressure is the first thing a new leader must conquer. The fact that he/she has become the new face in managing the team/organization will make everyone expect huge things from them. This problem prevents the whole team from advancing to success. The newly appointed leader feels that they can make any mistake at all and must excel immediately in his/her given position.

Leading Former Peers- The sudden shift to becoming a leader may pose a challenger in establishing a proper way of working with former peers and due to the confusion between the relationship of the employee to the new leader. The new leader may find it difficult to apply their skills as a leader because they fear to create an image which would be disliked by former friends and peers. Along with this, fellow employees could and often do feel resentment towards the new leader.

Avoid Making Judgments- The previous leader of the team may share negative feedback concerning a member of the team. It is best for the new leader to ignore this information. Do not make a judgment about other employees based on someone else’s opinion.

Adjust Leadership Styles- The new leader needs time to get to know and understand the people on their team. Understanding the members of their team will help the leader adjust their leadership style. The new leader will need to know each’s personality so he or she can lead with ease and grace. Avoiding harsh feelings with anyone having a hard time coming up with the change.

Hire the Right People- When a new leader replaces a member of the team they must pick someone who is ideal for the job but should also fit in with the chemistry of the team.

Continually Improve- A new leader will need to work as though he/she is “under the spotlight” wherein everything needs to go correctly. He/she should always feel the urge to keep improving. Continuous improvement leads to success on many fronts. After all, as the new leader, they want to prove that the decision to promote them was a good one.

Encourage Productivity- As new leaders lead new people, encouraging them is a must. People also need time to adjust from having been comfortable with the style of their former leader. Every new leader needs to identify what motivation works best for the employees. Another important thing that the new leader would need to work on is earning his or her team’s trust.

Ask for Help- Often a new leader finds it difficult to seek help from others. Sometimes leaders want to show that they have everything in control and are competent in the way they are leading. Working with others is the best way to attain the results you are looking for.

Balance Expectations- It is challenging for new leaders to balance the weight of expectations coming from the team and those who are their superior. The new leader should exceed the performance expectation coming from the superior without forgetting the fact that they must meet the needs of the team.

These are just some challenges that a new leader must prepare to face. It marks the beginning of a long journey, and it is essential that one must not give up. However, it is assured that after the new leader successfully conquers these challenges, he/she would be ready for more significant problems ahead of him/her and for the success desired to be achieved.


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