Independent Sales Representative

Being a Leader
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Independent Sales Representative

We are looking for a few great Independent Sales Reps that understand that value of helping Supervisor, Managers and Leaders “Be More Than They Have Been.”  As an Independent Sales Representative, you will make a difference with each company you work with by raising the bar of leadership for all involved. You will be helping bring skills, techniques, and resources to the table.

If you are willing to help Leaders “Be More Than They Have Been.” Your compensation will be solid. Your ability to make a difference will be powerful.

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Position Overview

Independent B2B Sales Representatives for Touch Stone Publishers will prospect and close small to medium size organization within the United States. They will call potential clients, set initial meetings with the principal decision-makers (the economic buyer), conduct in-depth process analysis with the speaker and customer needs.

This position requires strong communication, presentation, and analytical skills, in addition to strategic closing approaches. Previous Independent Sales Representative experience is necessary. Confidence, communication sciences, hard worker, a desire to create a difference and need to be the best. Candidates must be comfortable in speaking with CFOs and CEOs, as well as with Senior level management.

Key Performance Objectives


  • Independent Sales Reps will achieve high levels of commission and income immediately.
  • Prospect a minimum amount of hours every week leading to discovery appointments.
  • Prepare for discovery sales calls with the speaker. Reps conduct extensive research to ensure that calls are with the decision maker(s) which will allow a three-tiered proposal to be created.
  • Present and close a three-tiered proposal, with a perfect understanding of the tools, processes, bottlenecks, and challenges within their current Learning Management System. 
  • Fill and out and deliver the contract.


  • The candidate should have consistent experience working toward a personal or professional goal
  • Experience in formal leadership positions within social or professional establishments
  • Demonstrated track record of success through promotions, accolades, and rankings
  • Self-starter with solid organizational skills and the ability to think strategically
  • Effective communicator with solid business acumen
  • Energetic and passionate about personal brand
  • Must possess a professional approach to everyday chores and carry oneself like an administrator
  • Standard knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel
  • A knowledge of the internet telecommunicate tools Slack, Google Hangouts, Skype
  • A working knowledge of LinkedIn, Facebook Pages,

Touch Stone Publishers desire to create a rewarding environment for members of our team. Our compensation program allows top performers to earn $100K+ within the first 12 months.

All qualified candidates will be considered.

Independent Sales Representative Structure:

As the owner of your own business, the following is only a suggested for working with Touch Stone Publishers.

Single Day Workshop

$5000  –  $7500 for up to 15 individuals.

The trainer is on site for two days.  Day one to learn the culture, day two to present the workshop.

Up to three customization calls after the contract is signed and deposit paid.

Six months of online training

Commission, 35% of gross


Two to Three Day Workshops

$8000 – $10000 for up to 15 people

The trainer will spend one additional day on site to learn the culture of the company before training

Up to three customization calls

Six months of online training

Commission 40 – 45% of Gross


Five Day Workshop

Cost to be determined $15000 minimum

The value offered to be ascertained

Up to 50% commission on sales.

Please note if leads are provided commission structure may vary.

Potential sales process

  1. ISR will contact decision maker
  2. ISR will set a 15 to 30-minute exploratory call with the trainer and client
  3. ISR will deliver a three-tiered proposal to decision makers
  4. ISR will close the workshop
  5. ISR will arrange for a 50% down payment to be gathered prior to customization of the workshop commences.
  6. ISR will stay in touch with the decision maker and trainer to help create recurring training and workshop.


ISR will suggest and share their ideas to help conclude the sale.

Help set price levels, for instance

Touch Stone Publishers