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Leadership AssessmentScore You 1 - 5 with 5 being Excellent
I am a role model and set a good example for my work group?
Many people seek my opinions.
I am trusted by others to use good judgment when making decisions.
I find ways to be flexible decisions.
I actively look for opportunities to get feedback to improve myself.
I spend 5 additional hours each week working to improve to be better.
I do what is important first.
I create SMART work goals and set high standards of excellence for my work group.
I am skillful at getting people to do more than they originally felt possible.
I do what is necessary without being asked.
I help others create a definite sense of direction and purpose.
My team has the confidence to communicate openly and freely with me.
I inspire others to a high level of effort and performance.
I allow the group to have a high level of energy and enthusiasm.
I create an atmosphere of trust.
I provide coaching/counseling and acts as a mentor to others.
I achieve objectives requiring a high level of cooperation from people in other parts of the organization.
I help others understand the organization's vision and objectives so that they can translate them into challenging and meaningful goals.
I am capable of maintaining a clear perspective between the overall picture and the details.
I act when I recognize situations where change is needed.
I help people understand how meeting customers' needs is central to the mission and goals of the organization
I feel confident that this organization will achieve its strategic goals and I work toward it.
I create a work environment that is a place where people want to go the extra mile.
I do all that I can so that others would recommend this organization as a good place to work.
I rarely think about quitting my job to go to a different organization.