Being a Leader

You can increase your success in finding and winning high paid speaking engagements.

Be, Do, We Are, Thnk = Knowing

It is tough out there, finding the right person to speak with, the person that signs the check.

  • Avoiding the run around with the gatekeepers.
  • Having to do free or low paid speaking gigs to hopefully gain some exposure and referrals.
  • Sending Email ninety percent of which end up in junk mail or deleted.
  • Finding a tribe of people that want to hear from you.
  • Not wasting hours upon hours chasing down the latest marketing trend.
  • Making the decision process flow in your favor.
  • Finding that high paying Keynote or Training.


There is a plan for you to solve these headaches.

You need a program that will help you obtain and win that high paid speaking engagement.

The result will be a solid marketing program that doesn’t take all day, every day to do.  A solid Marketing Infrastructure that with thirty to forty-five minutes 5 days a week will relieve your frustration, anxiety and anemic bank account.

Let me briefly go over part of it with you now.

Your Website Should Include

    • An About You Page
    • Articles Written by You
    • Professional Headshot
    • Contact Information
    • Video from a Live Presentation
    • Demonstration Video
    • Photos of You Presenting
    • Topics You Teach


“An About Your Page” is not about you.

We have been taught that this is the page that should be written to let the reader learn about how great we are as speakers and trainers. The new thinking is simple your “About You Page” tells the potential client what you can do for them.  Your current or past title means what to the reader? Are you an International Keynote Speaker? What does that mean for your audience? Are you an Author, what does that mean to your customers?

Think as a potential client would.  They want to know what is in it for them.  Your “About Your Page” should tell them what is in it for them.

“Articles Written by You

You must show that you are the expert.  You must produce articles on your website that demonstrate your expertise at least once a week. Place these articles on your blog, and link them to all your Social Media. Use to accomplish the sharing of your work on all Social Media sites.

Being the go-to person, the expert will create a demand for your knowledge and skills. You can create videos, audio, or written articles to establish your level of expertise. Demonstrate expertise to your potential clients.

You need a plan to demonstrate your expertise. With or without a plan you must establish your expertise today.

Your Headshot

Find a professional and have a professional headshot for your website. Don’t do this headshot yourself or with a family member or friends. Find a professional and plan on paying $500 or more.

The image of you carries a strong message to potential clients and meeting planners. Don’t skimp here.



Video’s Live and your Demonstration Video

On the other hand, you can use your phone’s camera to obtain videos of live presentations.  Your focal point should be on the sound quality, hence use a higher end wireless or wired microphone.  The audio is the most important component of the video.  If the picture is not up to your standards you can easily enter a slide or text in its place.

Are you a professional speaker? Then you must have videos, videos, and more videos showing you speaking.  Make those videos a part of your site.  Place these videos on your website, link them to Facebook, put them on LinkedIn, anyplace you can be found on the internet.

You do not need to wait until they are perfect.  You do not need to stop and re-recorded each one over and over again. Just simply do them. People will engage with you more when you are you and not some version of the perfect you.  If you make a mistake correct it live and move on.

Your game plan is simple:

Make sure sound quality is outstanding

Know exactly what you are going to say

Record it

If this is a live event do all that you can to have great lighting and audio.

Oh, and one last thing:

Your website should have a complete list of all your topics with a description of how they would benefit the audience. The perfect setup would be to have the titles on one page with a link to the full description of each keynote or course.



Click on the King for a Free 30 Minute Coaching Session

If you are like me and on the road, you have limited time. You need to have a marketing plan that you can complete in minutes not hours or days.  Your marketing plan should take you no more than 30 – 45 minutes Monday through Friday and one day writing and making videos for your blog. In the beginning, as you get your Marketing Infrastructure in place you will, of course, spend more time.

Your Marketing Infrastructure includes your Website, LinkedIn, Videos, One Sheet, and you are demonstrating that you are the expert. Plus more.

Keep in mind once you have built it and used it, they will come.  Who are they,  you ask. The Tribe of people that will reach out to you, the Tribe of people that understand the value you bring to the table and will pay you for it. The Tribe of people that will become your fan and refer you to many others.