Essential Leadership Skills

Why do some people seem to be natural born leaders? Why can’t or won’t they tell you how they did it? What makes the difference? What truly creates an extraordinary leader, one who leads effortlessly? How does a leader gain Mastery of Leadership Skills and Techniques?

Great Leaders Are Made Not Born

A customized powerhouse keynote for your team where they will learn the strategies, techniques they need to gain Mastery over their business process, their team and the bottom line. Have your management team gain skills to dramatically improve relationships and optimize time by taking control.

Quality Management, Skills, Techniques and Personal Development provide the foundation for your team to Move to Mastery. By sharing strategies, skills, techniques, and motivation, Glenn Daniels ensures that your people get results.

Constant improvement is the key to personal and professional development. With the skills, techniques, and motivation, you have no choice but to find Mastery.

This comprehensive, customized program will be designed for your company and industry. Trigger the power of your team with training at your location.  This training does not end after the workshop.  Weekly online coaching sessions and homework will continue for six months after the workshop.

What are the Essential Skills:

  • Communication
    • Communicating with True Confidence
    • Understanding Body Language
    • Speaking the Language That is Heard
    • Avoid Conflict & HR Concerns
    • Create an Environment of Trust
  • Attitude is More Important Than Intelligence
    • The Six Parts of a Powerful Attitude
    • Your Attitude Can Save Lives
    • Create Mastery with a Positive Attitude
  • Emotional Intelligence
    • Learn What Compels People to Act
    • Being More Productive with Others
    • Keeping Your Emotions in Check
    • Discover Your EQ Level
    • Become Self Aware
    • Know the Importance of Empathy
    • Building Rapport
    • Listening and Hear What Not’s Being Said
    • Team Building with EQ
  • Leadership Skills
    • The Seven Roles of a Leader
    • Effective Delegation
    • Creating Accountability and Ownership
    • How to Motivate People
    • Coaching/Counseling Skills
    • Earn Trust and Respect
    • Diversity
    • Hire the Right People

This workshop is customized for your team.  Schedule a call to learn all of the details.

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Essential Leadership Skills for Constant & Never – Ending Improvement

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