Move to Mastery – Learning Leadership Skills for a New Time

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Move Into Mastery: Learning Leadership Skills and Techniques
Certified Leadership Training for $2395 

Why is it that some people seem to be a natural born leader? Why is it that they can’t or won’t tell you how to be a great leader? What makes the difference in a quality leader? What truly creates an extraordinary leader, that leads without stress? The kind of leader that has Mastery of the Leadership Skills and Techniques.

Think of the leaders you most admire. They seem to easily juggle competing demands, confidently motivate their teams to achieve optimal results, efficiently navigate the system, and never lose their composure. These executives make the task look simple—only it’s not.

Designed to help managers become more effective leaders, this twenty-week program delves into the basics of handling yourself, directing squads, and moving others to achieve your company’s goals.

Through readings, case discussions, and exercises, you will earn a broader and richer understanding of organizational culture and dynamics, management best practices, the office of the manager, and the nature of influence. As you explore your personality, strengths, and weaknesses, you will begin to evolve a leadership style that is uniquely yours. You will come back to work with newfound confidence and an action plan for carrying on your development as a leader.

By utilizing current technology, we provide accessible and meaningful learning for Leaders around the World.

The huge majority of leadership programs are set curricula delivered through classroom-taught, rationally based, single-centered methods. Participants are brought out of their day-to-day workplaces to be prompted by expert faculty, work on case studies, receive personal feedback and carry forth the latest leadership thinking (and badges for their résumés). Yet study after study, including my own, tells us the qualities that leaders in today’s world need are intuitive, dynamic, collaborative, and grounded in here-and-now emotional intelligence.

 By Deborah Rowland
Harvard Business Review October 14, 2016

We bring intuitive, dynamic, and collaborative skills to our Certified Leadership Classes!

BECOME A leader that knows how to make a difference.

Research Skills, and Techniques the foundation for how we choose to run, supervise, influence, and understand the people, processes, and attitudes that demand our attention. You will leave this program with a personal action plan to apply these techniques and insights to your real-world situation.

By attending this program, you will:

  • Get an understanding how to motivate teams
  • Discover the art of coaching and counseling your team
  • Managing your time and relieve your stress
  • You will be prepared to face the challenges of a Leader

Be Better Than You Have Been

  • A Certified Experiential Learning Leadership Program
  • Roles of Leaders
  • Coaching Strategies
  • Communication
  • Managers in HR
  • Dealing with Tough Employee
  • Constructing a Dream Team
  • Hiring the Best of the Best
  • Communication
  • Understanding Behavioral Styles
  • Understanding Generational Issues
  • A Certified Experiential Learning Leadership Program
  • True Confidence
  • Attitude More Powerful Than Intelligence
  • Delegation
  • Change Management
  • Emotional Management

The reason we often never succeed with our goals is that we don’t prioritize, focus and therefore, complete, the important few.

Whatever your top 5 goals are, whether you want to learn a new language or skill, or work towards a particular career goal, make a conscious effort to stick to these. Keep motivated to achieve these goals and don’t wander onto your second list. Remember, your time investment is key to success and this time will be compromised the more goals you take on.

Drop-in Classroom Lectures

  • Lecture One

    • What are Great Leaders?
  • Lecture Two

    • Generational Issues
  • Lecture Three/Four

    • Behavioral Styles
  • Lecture Six/Seven

    • On-Demand Dealing with Difficult People
  • Lecture Eight

    • On-Demand Change Management
  • Lecture Nine

    • Mid – Term Assessment
  • Lecture Ten/Eleven

    • Delegation
  • Lecture Twelve

    • Dealing with Tough Employee
  • Lecture Thirteen

    • Motivation for Your Dream Team
  • Lecture Fourteen

    • Building Real Confidence
  • Lecture Fifteen

    • Time Management Skills
  • Lecture Sixteen

    • Goal Setting
  • Lecture Seventeen/Eighteen

    • Project Management
  • On-Demand concurrent work

    • Excel
  • On-Demand concurrent work

    • Human Resources for Managers

Assigned Weekly Reading (15 – 20 minutes)

Regular Scheduled Office Hours For One on One Coaching

Required On-Line Courses (post-assessment testing for each series)

  • Becoming a Great Leader
  • Change Management
  • Coaching Skills
  • Delegation
  • Behavioral Style
  • How to Motivate Your Team
  • Generational Issues
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Over 7,000 additional resources for learning at your control

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Move into Mastery: Learning Leadership Skills for a New Time

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