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To be a success, we have been taught that we must struggle, that it is not easy, that anything to easy is not real.  Experts all over the world say that anything worth having requires struggle in some form or another.  They are wrong.  I also know that people right now calling me some very colorful names or at best saying I don’t know what I am talking about.  (my family for one) Read on.

As a Musician, when you are in a groove you are relaxed and enjoying the music you create,  your audience is enjoying your music.  As a public speaker if you are struggling to deliver your talk your audience is struggling to listen to you. If you deliver your talk in a relaxed frame of mind and you are not inside your on head struggling with your internal dialog it flows, and your audience will flow with you.  If your golf swing is smooth, easy and relaxed, with out muscular struggle you are going to strike the ball much better.

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No More Struggle


If you practice your speech, music, golf swing, brain surgery or anything you soon will find yourself in place of no struggle when it is time to perform. Practice gives you self confidence.  But isn’t self confidence a state of mind?  Is it better to start a project concerned, worried and tense or to start your project with a sense of confidence?  When you are confident you do not struggle you just have faith and you are ready to enjoy the process.  You give of yourself first.

Creating an ABUNDANCE of Love, Health and Wealth your life is easy, with even less struggle than creating that golf swing.  Simply recognize and accept the power of the Divine Mind.  The Divine Mind that is running the show.  The automatic systems in your body.  Your breathing, your heartbeat, your blood circulating within your body, the system that allow you to see colors, hear even the smallest little voice.  The Divine Mind that allows a small seed to create the most beautiful flower.

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Known as the last home of Mary Baker Eddy,

“Divine Law always has, and always will, meet every human need. –  Mary Baker Eddy

Build confidence in that fact.

If you want to create a loving relationship in your life, then give love first.  If you want to create money in you life then give money first.  (oops did we just hit a little nerve).  Whatever you want to have  give it first and it will always comeback to you tenfold.  You must give without condition or expectations.  If you give anything with conditions on it are you willing giving it away?  If you want to have a loving relationship with someone you have to give your love first and do it without the condition of: “I will love them only if the love me as well.”  How about money?  Give it away first and watch how it will flow back to you ten fold.  Of course you will need to find a place that can benefit from your giving, but give.  Your income will soar.

Prosperity 2009

As for me no more STRUGGLE!!!

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