ORAPAPA = Problem solved!

When challenges (problems) arrive, and they will I suggest you try this system ORAPAPA.



Alternatives and improvements

Past experience



Alignment and Ethics

ORAPAPA is an approach to problem-solving that examines all sides of a challenge and creates open and honest dialog with other members of your team, or an open dialog with just yourself. While you may find it difficult to take a look at all areas when you have a basis by answering frank questions, you will quickly move past that challenge. The key to ORAPAPA is asking yourself powerful questions.

  • Opportunities:  What opportunities will open up for me as I move ahead? What good will happen to and for me as I move forward?
  • Risks: What could go wrong and how will that affect my career and or family?
  • Alternatives and Improvements: Are there any other options? Can I make a different choice that will create robust result?
  • Past Experience: Did anyone else you know have this same type of question in front of them?  What did they do? Did it work or did they fail?
  • Analysis: Now carefully review the data that you have collected. Is there any unusual trend? Are you still showing bias, when you answered the questions?  Did you speak with people who would give you all sides of the story? What else do you need to learn?  What assumptions did you make that need to be re-validated?
  • People: What will other people think? How will other people feel? How much should you consider other people with this challenge?  Do other people have all the information they need?
  • Alignment and Ethics:  How will the decision best fit into your standards?  Will your decision align with your personal and business life?

Ask and discover the answer to the question above and the solution will form for you.  Problem-solving is all about finding the best solution and the only way to have great answer is to ask great questions.

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