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Leadership Skills for a New Time

Why do some people seem to be natural born leaders? Why can’t or won’t they tell you how they did it? What makes the difference? What truly creates an extraordinary leader, one who leads effortlessly? How does a leader gain Mastery of Leadership Skills and Techniques? Great Leaders Are Made Not Born

Why SMART Goal Setting is DUMB

Setting Powerful, Achievable Goals in a Skills-Based Keynote or Concurrent Session, will allow you to deliver value, quality, and lifelong skills to your organization.  You will be the Hero while we do the heavy lifting.

Glenn Daniels

Author, Speaker, Trainer and Analytical Human Behavior Specialist

Glenn Daniels has over 25 years experience in working with thousands of individuals and organizations to help set strategies that create powerful changes from within.

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Risk and Leadership

Risk — we’ve got to be analytical and disciplined, and it’s often technical. Leadership — it’s all about having a vision and setting a strategy. Wharton Professor Michael Useem Are Risk and Leadership two sides of the same coin?

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Essence of a Leader

Grasp the essence of who you are as a manager. Essence: the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character. How much stronger of a Leader you would be if you truly understood and lived your essence. To live

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Being a Leader

Conflict, Conflict, Conflict – Fix it

Our effectiveness in dealing with conflict is a statement of our ability to be a Leader. The first rule to manage conflict is to maintain control of yourself. You have three choices when it comes to handling conflict and you should stop and consider them

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How to Actually Leave Work on Time

There’s a lot to do. There always is. You sit at your desk well past quittin’ time each day to ensure it gets all done, but in the end, you suffer for it. It’s okay to leave work on time, and these tips can help

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Leadership Skills: How to Slash Labor Cost

According to many sources, a bad boss is one of the top ten reason why employees quit their job.  What if you could help reduce the cost of turnover by being a Leader. By gaining “Mastery of Leadership.” The boss often spends more time with

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No More Struggle

No more STRUGGLE To be a success, we have been taught that we must struggle, that it is not easy, that anything to easy is not real.  Experts all over the world say that anything worth having requires struggle in some form or another.  They

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