Prefrontal Cortex and Negativity

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Prefrontal Cortex

Your Prefrontal Cortex is responsible for, in part, your attention span, perseverance, judgement, impulse control, your ability to be organized and problem solving. The prefrontal cortex supervises time management, judgment, impulse control, planning, organization and critical thinking. Your ability to think ahead and be successful depends on the health of your Prefrontal Cortex. When your Prefrontal Cortex is not operating at its peak you become easily distracted. This is when you struggle to maintain your mental energy level.

Often when people have Prefrontal Cortex challenges they become more prone to conflict. They use conflict as a way to create activity in the Prefrontal Cortex. This behavior has many negative side effects, especially in the workplace and your immune system. Focusing on what you like about your life and what you like about others is a way to keep your Prefrontal Cortex healthy.

A good solution is the weekly review process. Once a week sit down and write down three things you like best about your week. The three things that you feel good about. Then write one thing that you would like to improve upon next week. Please pay special attention to the wording, three things you like best about your performance over this past week and the one thing you want to focus on for next week. This is critical to your success and your Prefrontal Cortex health.

Every week you should review yourself by writing down three things you like best about your performance and the one thing you want to do better next week. Have a negative, complainer on your team? Require them to do the same thing. It will be tough for them, so you will need to stand your ground and focus on the three items they like best at least 75% of the time in your coaching conversations with them.

Simple and powerful.

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