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The Science of Goal Setting

Description: Setting Powerful, Achievable Goals in a Skill Based Training Environment: Common Challenges, Goals and Training Needs Addressed in this Workshop:
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Experienced Professionals who recognize and/or appreciate the need to lay a foundation of personal and professional goals that will motivate, inspire, and help them maintain focus.. Those who have no formal training and have never used a structured approach to establishing goals for their business and personal life. Anyone wanting to elevate their performance and assist others in the achievement of a greater overall career success and income Participants that are tired of the hype and want to learn and use powerful skills for creating empowering goals Individuals who are goal oriented and require exposure to the principles and practices of skill based goal setting, in order to establish a powerful mindset that will provide a foundation for improved results and create a stronger bottom line. For anyone who requires a formalized, structured approach for goal setting that will hold them to a higher degree of personal and professional accountability. For anyone looking for ways to increase the odds of achieving their goals Workshop Highlights:  English: Sunlight gleaming off the John Hancoc... You will learn why goal setting is necessary to become a leader in every aspect of life! You will develop an understanding of the personal power you have already own.  This power will cause your dreams to become reality with ease. You will develop an understanding of the consequences of not applying practical goal setting into your daily routine. You will learn why it is necessary for us to set both business and personal goals in order to experience significant growth in life. You will start to find ways to accomplish more with your life. You will create compelling reasons for your success You will gain new skills that will enable you to begin your march toward personal fulfillment. Discover how to use goal setting to turn the life of others around. You will learn how to apply practical goal setting concepts and skills both personally and professionally. You will be instructed on how to discipline yourself to set practical goals and stick to them until you see the results that you desire.   You will gain valuable insight and ideas for setting goals based on an approach that will work for you!
  • Most complex machine every built and Your 3.5 pound Brain
  • Structural integrity – the ability to withstand CNN (constant negative news)
  • Fuel to do the work – Reality and Why Fuel
  • Extra power to get underway – Knock them off their feet
  • Clarity is Power
  • The integrity of your whys – an exercise to create more clarity
  • Setting the correct frame of mind
  • Do, Be, Have
  • Congruency check –  Are your goals in keeping with who you really are?
  • Self Press Release – A written Press Release for your eyes only.
  • Enriching the Fuel – Removing the impurities
  Who Should Attend:
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Who Should Attend

Anyone who is an experienced professional and is looking for tools, techniques and advantages that will help them to continue to succeed. Anyone who is new to professional selling and looking for the tools, techniques and advantages that will get them off to a faster start in their sales career. Network Marketers who are or desire to be high achievers personally and professionally. Network marketers that wish to lead others to success by being an example of what is possible. Entrepreneurs that desire to create a Business that is a Masterpiece Those that are capable of greater success in life. Those that desire to set goals and achieve them. Professionals and Individuals who want a structured system that provides them with personal accountability. Anyone who has never had formal training in setting personal and/or  professional goals. Those who truly want more out of life and aren’t afraid to commit to do the work required to get beyond their personal comfort zone. Sales and Business Professionals who wants to control their own destiny The Professional that wants to control their level of income. Training Materials
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Science of Goal Setting Workbook Science of Goal Setting Journal 6 Months of follow up “Mastermind Webinars” Duration Details: 
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Full Day 8am to 5pm (a working lunch provided)
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