Say Yes Now!

Is it time to think for yourself?
Is it time to think for yourself?

Say YES!Say YES!

The most powerful affirmation, that one can utter is “YES”. Begin each morning by saying “YES.” Say yes to all of your dreams. Say yes to the power of the Sun rising. The might of the Sun to warm the earth and the ability to grow the plants and people of the earth. Say yes to the simple fact that this power is within you.

Simply Say YES!

Think about each of the following statements and see if you can answer YES!

My life will become all that I require it to be.
I can look around and find things to be grateful for.
I can find the beauty in taking a breath.
I can allow Divine Intelligence.
Being grateful is natural.
I can give my all.
I can provide more.
I am from the source
I am capable
I will do what must be done

Write down your own personal statements and say yes to all of them now. Just one simple “Yes” each morning before you initiate your day will allow you to take control of your thoughts without the struggle. Start each day by feeling good, by saying yes, and you will find yourself in control of your thoughts a little bit at a time. Let the power of the word “Yes” bring you a state of happiness today.

Glenn E Daniels

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