Six Sigma as Part of the Personal Development Plan

Six sigma
Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a metric, a methodology, and a philosophy.

  • A metric to measure the rate or number of errors
  • A methodology to produce a system to discover errors and purpose a system to improve the process
  • A philosophy of analysis and measurement to eliminate errors

How will Six Sigma, a process designed to improve the quality of manufacturing and lately, customer service with Lean Six Sigma, help us in our Personal Development? Over the next several weeks, let’s have a discussion covering Personal Development and using the Six Sigma Process.  Our discussion will mostly focus on the methodology of Six Sigma and our personal development process.

We will start with “Define”.  We need to define our target what it is we are looking for, what quality improvement we are looking for.  Do we want to build a safer car, a car that is not being recalled for repairs two or three times a year? Do we want to improve the quality of our life by committing to a Personal Development Plan?For today lets use this definition and a small part of personal development: our ability to improve our learning new skills and become an expert at our chosen field.

So, of course, there are many details that we should be aware of. For example,  are we getting enough sleep and eating the right foods to work and learn efficiently. In the Six Sigma process, we need to define all issues we feel are relevant to the outcome. What does it mean to eat the right foods? What does it mean to get enough sleep? These are questions you must answer for yourself. There is plenty of research to help you create the correct answers, for you.

This is a critical step, it is important that we have the right definitions, so that we can measure the right things.

Sit down and brainstorm and begin to create a list of what you believe defines personal growth that leads to success. Always remember the clearer the definition the easy it is to measure your activities. The Six Sigma process is an analytical, logical process that can be adapted to our personal success. At least that is the theory that I will operate on, and invite you to take a journey with me.

As time permits, I will write more articles that will closely follow the Six Sigma methodology, and I look forward to your input in the comment section below.

By the way, what are you reading for half an hour each day to help you improve? Please also share that in the comment box below.


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