The Right Stuff, The Millionaire Mind

The Millionaire Mind Set

There were thirteen of us sitting in a classroom, all complete strangers. The question in my head was , “why”? Why are we here and how did we get picked to be in this room? This was to be a break out session for some qualified people. All thirteen of us were told last night to come back today for this breakout session with a printed copy of our resume. Why did we need a resume, after all I did not travel to Chicago to look for a job, I came here to take a workshop to better my life. In a very brief conversation with one of my equally puzzled mates, she noted the same thing. Why are we here and why did they want us to bring our resumes? She was not looking for a job either.

“Please everyone take a seat” instructed one of the ushers. “Please make certain that you have your resumes out and on the table. Our guest speaker will be here in only a couple of minutes.”

As everyone started to move toward his or her seats, it was easy to see that all of us started to become a little anxious and a little excited. All the participants pulled out the resumes and put them on the table in front of them. During our short wait everyone started to have a conversation in small two or three people groups.

Without announcement or fanfare in walked our special guest. The room became completely silent. What happened, why is one of the richest people in the world here to talk to this small group?

“Greetings all,” he started, “thank you for taking the time to listen to the few things that I would like to share with you. I guarantee you that I will not take up much of your morning”.

The woman that I was speaking with early quickly added, “take the rest of the weekend if you like.” The room started to give a little nervous laugh.

“If everyone here could please pull out their resumes and let me take a quick look, so that I can know whom I am speaking with today.”

As he walked around the room looking at everyone resumes, I found myself saying I would work for him. I hope that my resume will do the trick of opening up the door for me. Lost in my thoughts I hardly noticed that our guest speaker was making a brief comment to everyone as he gave back his or her resumes.

As he reviewed my resume, he almost flipped it back at me and said, “You are just wasting your time.” Before I could even gather myself, my resume was back on my desk, and our guest speaker was moving on to the next person. What a shock. By the time, I had a chance to collect my thoughts and ready to make a statement before he was talking with the last person in the room.

Flipping the gentleman resume back on the table, he stated in a quick, angry tone. “And you are just an ‘F-in’ waste of time.” The whole room was stunned.

As our special guest walked back to the podium, the whole room was stunned and speechless. How could the gentleman that we all knew by reputation walk in here and insult us? As it turned out, he had nothing pleasant to say to anyone concerning their resumes.

At the front of the room, our guest speaker started. “Why is it that each one of you allowed me to say something negative about you or something down right ugly? I will tell you why. I have the attitude of a Billionaire you have the attitude of a broke person. Even when I was flat ass broke, I had an attitude, a belief, the knowledge that I was a Billionaire. It’s now time for you to accept that you are what you believe you are. You will act and continue to pay people money to teach you instead of them paying you to teach them. You must understand that you are a Millionaire, and you must allow that mentality to take over now. Do not let anyone, me or anyone effect you do what you know is right from the mindset of a Millionaire.”

Now he had our attention. “Be a Millionaire right now, not a person trying to be a Millionaire, Be a Millionaire now. You are a Millionaire accept it, allow it, be grateful for it and let it flow out of you now. Like a Millionaire, thinking from the mind of a Millionaire you will come to make your decisions as a Millionaire. No one should be able to speak to you the way I did, and have an effect on who you are or how you feel. If someone has something negative to say about you, or holds a negative opinion of you. You should be able to simply say ‘so what’. There is no need to become angry or aggressive or vengeful. Do not worry about their opinion or when they will be forced to eat their words, just know that they will be forced to eat their words. Move on.”

In conclusion, he summed it up this way. “Be now, the heaven and the doing will follow. A period when you walk out of this room it is done, it is your job to allow it to happen. You have always been millionaires I could tell, by the way; you carried yourself throughout this conference, this is why I asked to speak to the group of you. Now it is your job to go out and teach others to find the Millionaire inside of them.”

The key to staying focused and achieving goals means having the self confidence turn negatives into positives and knowing how to turn roadblocks into building blocks. ~Sharon Michaels

“You create your own universe as you go along” ~Winston Churchill

For verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. ~Mark 11:23

“You get no more and no less than what you believe you deserve.” ~Unknown

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