Setting Powerful, Achievable Goals in a Skills-Based Keynote or Concurrent Session, will allow you to deliver value, quality, and lifelong skills to your organization.

The Science of Goal Setting

Learning to set powerful and achievable goals in a skill-based training environment

This workshop addresses the common challenges, goals and training needs that will give you the tools to help you learn how to set and achieve your personal and professional goals in a constructive and friendly environment.

Why Your Team Should Attend?

For your members, goal setting can be used as a key component of self-regulation or the process by which employees activate and sustain cognitions, behaviors, and affects systematically oriented toward the attainment of goals. This is clinical talk for demonstrating an increase passion and productivity.

Who should attend this workshop?

Experience Team Leaders who recognize and appreciate the need to lay a foundation for personal and professional goals and who are looking for additional tools, techniques, and advantages that will keep them motivated to continue their path to success.

For anyone that requires a formalized, structured approach for Goal Setting that will hold them to a higher degree of personal and professional accountability.

Those who truly want more out of life and aren’t afraid to commit to doing the work required to get beyond their personal comfort zone.

Course Topics


  • What Is a SMART goal
  • How to create S
    • The W’s of it
  • How to create M
    • Working the numbers
  • How to create A
    • Align, Agree, Achieve
  • How to Create R
    • Can we reach it?
  • How to Create T
    • What Time is it?
    • Creating a 30-day action plan
  • Creating Team Wide Passion and Buy-In
  • The Fuel to do the work – Reality and Why Fuel



What others are saying.


Glenn Daniels has over 25 years’ experience in working with thousands of people and organizations to help define strategies that produce powerful changes from within.  His clients are spread across a variety of industries including the United States Military, communications, insurance, medical, funeral, and network marketing. His goal is to improve their bottom line by sharing skills that motivate entire teams to learn and can quickly apply their new-found skills.  He does this through entertaining and informative lectures and workshops that unleash the potential of each employee, teach the skills of human persuasion and connect personal goals and corporate growth.

The result is the creation of compelling personal and corporate goals that align with each other, and the setting of significant personal, marketing and sales strategies, which ultimately improve the bottom line for any business. While making you the HERO!

Covers of the first two books and a TEDx event.







Additional Keynote, Breakout Session, or Workshops


Platinum Package

Your choice of any two Breakout Session or One additional Workshop on concurrent days or Keynotes from above. (Total of 3)
Any additional service that you may require
Available for the entire conference

Gold Package

Your selection of any one additional Breakout Session or Keynotes from above. (Total of 2)

Silver Package

The Science of Goal Setting  45 minutes – 1.5 hours


I never assess an hourly or daily fee, since you should not have to make an investment decision every time you see me, nor should your people have to seek permission to spend money if they need my help. This is a unique feature of my services.
Fees for the above options are:
Platinum: $12,000.00
Gold: $8,000.00
Silver: $7,000.00

These fees are inclusive of expenses.  All travel, administrative, logistical, and communication expenses are included, (travel may not be included with the Silver Package) so there is no further amount due for an option.

Payment terms for any of the options are:

  • Fifty percent due on acceptance of this proposal.
  • Fifty percent due 45 days after acceptance.

We offer a courtesy discount of 10 percent when the full fee is paid upon acceptance.

This project, once approved, is non-cancelable for any reason, although it may be delayed, rescheduled, and otherwise postponed without any penalty whatsoever. My work is guaranteed. In the event, you feel that I am not meeting the standards described herein or based on our mutual conversations and agreements, I will refund your entire fee upon such notification.

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