The Science of Goal Setting

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The Space Shuttle Discovery and its seven-memb...
The Space Shuttle Discovery

The Science of Goal Setting Part 1

Technology is helpful and amazing part of our world today. It is also important to remember that there is not a single bit of technology that is more powerful than your brain. Not a single one. Not now and not ever. When you look at the technology of putting man on the moon it pales in comparison to your brain. If you use the technology of your brain there is nothing that you can’t achieve. Look around you right now. There is not one single thing on this planet that is more powerful than your brain. But lets talk about one of the most complex pieces of technology that we know of and see how it compares to your brain and “The Science of Goal Setting”.

The Space Shuttle weighs over 120 tons with 4 million pounds for rocket fuel ready to lift this piece of technology into orbit. Thirty-one seconds prior to take off four computers take over every function of the shuttle. With a 5th computer overseeing and ready to abort the entire mission if necessary. These 4 computers are all computing the same thing at the same time to ensure no errors. The shuttles computers handle over 2 million lines of code before the main engines come to life six seconds before lift off. Yet your brain does far more.

How many lines of code does your brain process so that you can breath? Over the last five minutes how many lines of code did your brain process to control you heart rate? What about all of the colors that your optic nerve has to process every second? How many lines of code is that? How does all of this apply to goal setting?

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Your Brain


Let us spend a few minutes just talking about the very first step in “The Science of Goal Setting.

Much like the lift off of the shuttle you goals require the same effort. After the main engines come to life but before the shuttle actually leaves the ground the shuttle has used up nearly 800,000 pounds of fuel. After two minutes of an eight minute powered flight the shuttle has used up over half of it 4 million pounds of fuel. Setting and achieving your goals will be just like that. Do not kid yourself; the vast majority of your work will take place at the very beginning. Oh, but the rewards you will have. You are of course going to need a strong and powerful why. To achieve a large goal you will need an incredible amount of effort. Strong enough “whys” will keep you going when things get tough. You need a strong enough reason to keep going when those that love you do not give you the support that you would like to see. In fact the more they love you the more likely they are to say or do things that are not empowering to your dreams. Do the work and they will be there for you once you achieve orbit, and then they will learn from you and follow your example. If you are not going to set large powerful goals then stop reading. Go back to watching television. But if you are going to set powerful goals and dream big take the following steps:

1. Find a quiet place and just sit and not think for few minutes or until you are compelled by something to start writing. 2. Write at least two pages on what your life is going to be like when you have achieved your goals.
a. This should be two full pages if writing, don’t edit it, just write it.
2. Write at least one pages on what your life is going to be like if you do not achieve your goals.
3. Now go back and edit the pages that talk about how great your life is going to be when you have achieved your goals. 4. Put it down and walk away for at least 30 minutes if not 24 hours.
5. Now once again edit your work on how great your life will be.
6. Now re write it all so that every statement is made in the present tense.
a. Write it like your goals have been achieved and you are living your dreams now!
7. Keep it to yourself

That is step one. Let us add just a little more for you.

If you have every watched a space shuttle take off you may have noticed a sound suppression system that they use so that the noise of the shuttle does not shake it apart when the engines come to life. You want to follow that same policy. Keep it to yourself. Don’t let the world shake you belief in yourself. Remember this: The more people that know, the more they try to find the holes.

The bigger your dreams the more you need to operate with blinders on. Besides as you rise above the crowd they will hear and see you anyway. If you are going to sit down and work on your goals, make them large ones. Once in orbit the space shuttle is moving at over 17,000 miles per hour without power. Dare to dream big and once you reach orbit you will find yourself using very little to no energy as well. Until of course you set higher and more powerful goals.

There are many more steps to applying the Science of Goal Setting so get started on your goals now.


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