Understanding How to Use the Six Sigma Process to Build the Life of Your Dreams


If success leaves clues, then why can’t we define those clues measure those clues and use those clues for success?

The Hypothesis:

In order to be successful, you must first get up every morning and exercise for 30 minutes. Can we not measure every morning to see if we have accomplished our goal? If we exercise for 30 minutes a day, you must agree that your brain will work better. Your brain working better leads to a better life as fresh blood and oxygen flow.

What if we discovered that reading for half hour every day will make you an expert in your field, therefore create success.

We should create a list of values and activities that will lead to success every day. So let’s create a value-based list now.

  • sincere
  • gracious
  • flexible
  • happy
  • seductive
  • brevity
  • humorous

This short list of seven is nowhere near enough, but let’s work with this list. If we put all these characteristics into a spreadsheet and check them off every day as we demonstrate them in our everyday life. How would you life change?

So let’s take the first one. Sincere. If you are able for the next 30 days to check off sincere your sincere with your neighbor. Sincere with your coworkers. Honest with yourself. How would you life change? What about gracious if you are gracious to everyone. If you proceeded as if life is a blessing, would your life be a blessing. If you bless what you have and what other have, you will automatically create prosperity for YOURSELF?

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