Why we fear change!

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Album cover of Lost in Space Original Televisi...Loss of control. We may not be able to direct, guide or lead in the manner we are most comfortable with.



Uncertainty. We can’t see the future.


Surprise, surprise! We may not be ready for something unexpected.



Everything seems different. Our environment changes


Loss of face. It feels like other people make the decision that we are at fault or we are not capable. We become embarrassed.


Concerns about competence. Can I do it?


More work. There are only 28 hours a week. Where do I find more time?


Ripple effects. Like tossing a pebble into a pond, change creates ripples, reaching distant spots in ever-widening circles.


Past resentments. We don’t let past behaviors go.


Sometimes the threat is real. Change is resisted because it can hurt, it can sit the team backwards.


As leader work to relieve the discomfort for your team.


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