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The Process for Problem Solving

No matter the outcome, find creative problem solving steps to follow up until you're sure that the problem is entirely resolved. Do not assume that everything is okay, since this could be the beginning of new problems. You can involve your colleagues to offer support until you achieve your goals.



Improve Your Sleep Health

You Can Sleep into Health… Or the other way around - Studies after studies have linked short nights with increased risks of chronic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases. For example, less than 6 hours of sleep per night has been shown to increase low-grade chronic inflammation and insulin resistance,two metabolic processes associated with the development of these health conditions and a worsening of general health and well-being



Essential Leadership Skills, The Podcast with Glenn Daniels and Barb Monson

Danielle Francis can help. With her experience as a former engineer and leadership coach, she knows how to help people get back on track to success. A Decade of experience helps her equip you with the skills needed for success. Danielle utilizes an understanding and compassionate coaching style. She advocated that if people were to lead with empathy instead, the world would see more peace. No matter what success looks like to you, she can help guide you there. Please welcome our guest Danielle Francis

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