महीना: मई 2021

5 Steps To Being More Courageous As We Return To Work

Choosing Courage is a new book by Jim Detert, a Professor at the University of Virginia’s Darden The lack of courage percolates through every organizational level, but so do positive examples if we only open our eyes to look for them. Words such as ‘be loyal,’ ‘be a team player,’ or ‘don’t rock the boat’ encourage us to conform and not challenge the status quo. As I previously reported in Forbes, there is a difference between being a dreamer and an achiever. If you want to become more courageous, you cannot just read or think about it; you need...

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The Power of Personal Growth for Leaders

Can you understand the benefit of  Personal Growth? Are you the kind of person that can find the benefit of learning the Art and Science of Being a Leader? Are you the kind of person that finds it useful to learn? — Support this podcast:...

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