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Leadership is Hard Work: Carrie-Lynn’s Top Tips Know Who You Lead: The Importance of Understanding Your Employees

In today’s workplace, it is more important than ever to have a good retention strategy in place. Employees need to have their needs and interests met to stay with a company, and new potential employees are “interviewing your company” as much as you are interviewing them. Leadership can be hard work – it’s not about skating by and doing the bare minimum. Leaders need to understand what is happening mid-game, how to improve team synergy, and leverage their “[players” talents. That’s where Carrie-Lynn comes in. With over 25 years of experience as an HR specialist, mediator, leader, and facilitator, she is passionate about helping leaders understand WHY issues are occurring at work and helping them to retain their employees. Thanks for watching! — Support this podcast:...

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Essential Leadership Skills the Podcast, Leadership in Construction

Leadership is a critical skill in any industry, especially construction. This podcast will explore essential leadership skills to help you become a successful leader in your field. Hello, my name is Glenn Daniels, and I’m the host of Essential Leadership Skills, the Podcast. In this episode, we discuss essential leadership skills necessary for success in the construction industry. Whether you’re a project manager, superintendent, or foreman, these leadership tips will help you achieve your goals and lead your team to success. Elinor Moshe is an ambitious and driven thought leader, best-selling author, podcast host, and businesswoman disrupting the construction industry. She’s the founder of The Construction Coach, Australia’s first construction coach. As the podcast host of Constructing You, Elinor interviews exemplary leaders and industry titans who dominate the construction business. She’s a 3X best-selling author of Constructing Your Career, Leadership in Construction, and Young Gun. She ties her distinctive thinking and uncommon insights with over 8 years of experience in the commercial construction industry to generate transformative and exceptional results for her clients. Elinor has been featured in Medium, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific, Yahoo! Finance, Australian National Construction Review, and over 30 podcasts discussing her career and business acumen. She holds a Master of Construction Management and Bachelor of Environments from the University of Melbourne. info@elinormoshe.com — Support this podcast:...

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