महीना: सितम्बर 2021

Essential Leadership Skills a Discussion with Beverly Willett-Humans Are Terrified of Loss

Have you ever lost something and felt like your world was falling apart?  We’ve all experienced loss in one form or another. Whether it be the death of a loved one, divorce, or even losing a job. Loss can feel devastating and we often resist change because we don’t want to lose what is familiar to us. But science shows that when we cling too tightly to the past, our suffering only increases.  In this Podcast, you will learn how to embrace change with courage instead of fear so that you can move forward into your future with hope and strength! You will also discover how embracing these essential leadership skills can help you become more successful at work and in life overall!  Listen now for Beverly Willett’s wisdom. — Support this podcast:...

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In a passage from Alan Watts’s 1969 book The Wisdom of Insecurity, he talks about the importance of Breathing in order to regulate your body and react more calmly during stressful times. Breathing can be an easy way for us all to have better self-control when it comes down between situations as we often tend to act quicker than think with our emotions being what drives them rather than logic or reason which leads some people to make bad decisions out of anger frustration sadness etc…as long you know where they’re coming from beforehand by taking deep breaths through...

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