Month: November 2019

Leadership Mindset for the New Economy

by Douglas A. Ready. Douglas A. Ready is a senior lecturer in organizational effectiveness at the MIT Sloan School of Management, founder and CEO of the International Consortium for Executive Development Research, and MIT SMR guest editor. He tweets @doug_ready. Are you able to change the culture of your organization? It’s possible, perhaps, if you can articulate what your culture is or if you are a CEO or C-suite executive. But let me ask a different question: Are you able to set a new tone and mindset for how your team, your project members, or your function work together...

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How to Win From the Trenches with Rafel Henry

Improve you Personal and Professional Life by Creating Synergy Explore the methods of Rafel Henry as he shares why he has created value for himself and one of the most powerful Non-Profit Organization in the United States.  — Support this podcast:...

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