Essential Leadership Skills


Essential Leadership Skills: Creating Constant and Never-Ending Improvement 

Why do some people seem to be natural-born leaders? Why can’t or won’t they tell you how they did it? What makes the difference? What indeed creates an extraordinary leader, one who leads effortlessly? How does a leader gain Mastery of Leadership Skills and Techniques? 

Great Leaders Are Made Not Born 

Are you looking for a way to improve the business process for our Future Leaders?

Essential d Leadership Skills & Techniques is the solution. We have developed a customized powerhouse breakout, keynote session, or one- or two-day workshop. Your audience will experience and learn how to gain Mastery over their business process, team, and bottom line. Your audience will learn strategies that will help them improve relationships and optimize time by taking control dramatically.

Our workshops or keynotes are designed to give you results right away so you can see the impact on your bottom line and hear appreciation from those in attendance immediately! Your audience will learn and take back control of all aspects of their professional lives with our powerful training techniques. This training has been proven effective in businesses across all industries – we guarantee it’ll work for you too! It’s never too early to start improving yourself as a leader.

The key to personal and professional development is constant improvement. This can only happen with the right skills, techniques, and motivation from someone who has gone before us in this pursuit of moving towards Mastery– Glenn Daniels II.

The foundation for your audience’s success is Quality Management: it provides a groundwork that all other aspects are built. Personalized coaching is available to help ensure everyone involved grows steadily as individuals while being given specific feedback based upon individual needs providing maximum growth potential. 

This comprehensive, customized program is designed to help your audience be more successful and effective. Trigger the power of experiential training at your next event.


What are the Essentials & Advanced Skills of Leadership

Communication 🔑

  • Communicating with True Confidence
  • Understand Body Language
  • Speaking the Language That is Heard
  • Avoiding Conflict and HR issues
  • Create an Environment Where Trust is Readily Available

Attitude 🔑

  • Attitude is More Important Than Intelligence 
  • The Six Parts of a Powerful Attitude 
  • Create Mastery with a Positive Attitude
  • Express who you are and what you’re about
  • Develop an assertive attitude that can take your life to the next level
  • Create a lifelong mastery of whatever it is you build yourself up to be
  • Find out how your attitude affects those around you

Emotional Intelligence (2 Day Training)

  • Learn What Compels People to Act 
  • Being More Productive with Others 
  • Keeping Your Emotions in Check 
  • Discover Your EQ Level 
  • Become Self Aware 
  • Know the Importance of Empathy 
  • Building Rapport 
  • Listening and Hear What Not’s Being Said 
  • Team Building with EQ
  • Compel people to act by learning what motivates them
  • Improve your communication with others by knowing the motivation behind their decisions
  • Control your emotions and not let them rule you 
  • Determine your EQ level to work on ways of creating rapport easier 
  • Become more aware of yourself and how you interact with others 
  • Learn strategies for building a healthy team

Leadership Skills 🔑

  • Earn Trust and Respect 
  • Hire the Right People in the Frist Place 
  • Discover the Seven Roles of a Leader. 
  • Learn Effective Delegation in any situation. 
  • Create Accountability and Ownership in your team. 
  • Develop Motivational Tactics that work for you, no matter the situation. 
  • Coach or Counsel people when needed; Employees will not only respect you more but also be open to feedback from you when they know it’s coming from someone who cares about them. 

 🔑Available as a keynote


Why SMART Goal Setting is Dumb

target 1151287 1920Why SMART Goal Setting is Dumb: The Science of Goal Settingkey 930899 1920

Setting Powerful, Achievable Goals in a Skills-Based Keynote or Concurrent Session, which will allow you to deliver value, quality, and lifelong skills to your organization.  As a Corporate Trainer with over 30 years of experience, Glenn Daniels brings you the best possible skills, techniques, and motivation to your audience. Earning you the status of “Hero.”  

“The Science of Goal Setting” brings the skills, techniques, and motivation you are looking for to enhance your meeting.

Highlights and Learning

  • Learn why goal setting is necessary to become a leader in every aspect of life.
  • Develop an understanding of the personal power you already own. This power will cause your dreams to become reality with ease.
  • Develop an understanding of the consequences of not applying practical goal setting into your daily routine.
  • Learn why it is necessary for us to set both business and personal goals to experience significant growth in life.
  • Find ways to accomplish more with your life.
  • Create compelling reasons for your success.
  • Gain new skills that will enable you to begin your march toward personal fulfillment.
  • Discover how to use goal setting to turn the lives of others around.
  • Apply practical goal-setting concepts and skills both personally and professionally.
  • Discipline yourself t set practical goals and stick to them until you see results.
  • Set valuable goals based on an approach that will work?
Do you need more clarity to build the organization and create the life of your dreams?

key 930899 1920 = Available as a Keynote

Analytical Human Behavior

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‘How good am I at being a master persuader?’
‘How much better will I become?

The study of how humans make buying decisions, the shortcuts they take to get there, and how you can control this process. 

 Goals and Objectives 

  • Present an innovative, but in some cases, an ‘Old School’ way to close sales, gain new customers and prospects, while leaving less money on the table. 
  • Provide a learning experience that is skill-based creating superior service that is customers focused. 
  • Motivate participants to use their new-found skills immediately while developing unwavering loyalty and integrity.
  • Create the connection between new skills, current company resources, and the energy of creativity, to increase the income and excitement of the professional consultant. 

Program Description 

The Study of how humans make decisions and the shortcuts they take to get there. 

 What is it? Analytical Human Behavior will help you become a master persuader. When you study and master the Science of Analytical Human Behavior, you will learn the seven principles to be able to persuade your clients, your family, or anyone in any situation. In the six-hour presentation, we will offer your team the ability to apply all seven principles to their field of work.  A keynote or breakout session is available.

 With all the information that we must process, it is and has been human nature to delete most of this information and look for ways to make our decisions quickly. When you consider the fact that humans are on automatic pilot most of the time and we automatically take short cuts, our decision-making process can be controlled by others.  As an influencer, it is up to you to use these skills with care and respect.  Because, once you start using these skills, there is no telling what you can accomplish. The side effect of this course is that once you become aware of the short cuts, it will be harder for someone to use these skills on you. 

 Your team’s skills will improve while being entertained. 

Your company’s bottom line will improve immediately. 

‘How good am I at being a master persuader?’
‘How much better will I become?’ 

 Each participant will walk away with a new understanding and an excitement to get out in the field and start using their new found skills. While answering the previous questions with an astounding, ‘I am a great persuader; I am getting better each day’. 

Additional Service While on Site

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  • Record Infomercials & Commercials for Your Event

  • Record Feedback Interviews

  • Breakout Sessions

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Panel Moderator

  • Game Show Host

  • Partner/Spouse Programs

  • Youth Programs

  • Pre/Post Event Programs

  • Seminars to Promote Organizations

  • Spokesperson

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Explore the passion and brilliance of Leadership in these ingenious presentations that focus on skills and techniques. From the masterworks of some of the best thought leaders in the world, both past, and present.



The Power of Attitude

Glenn Daniels of Touch Stone Publishers a Pulitzer Prize Nominated Authors shares the insights from one of the most powerful people on the planet. A lady that saved 355 lives twice in one day. A powerful attitude might be the most important branch of being a great leader.  With the guidance of Captain Susan, anyone can get a fundamental understanding of what makes up a powerful attitude and apply it every day.

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The Seven Roles of Leadership

Learn how to understand and better utilize the skills and technologies that are responsible for your daily success.

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Published Books from Pulitzer Prize Nominated Author – Glenn Daniels II GlennProf2 rt color

The Science of Goal Setting, The Road To Joy and Prosperity

mountains 5707656 1920The Science of Goal Setting, The Road to Joy and Prosperity

How to DO, BE, HAVE, and Live the Life of your Dreams. When you set powerful, achievable goals you take the first step in building a life without bounds. Your life can be and will be everything you have hoped for and more. Goal Setting however is not easy it will take work. Follow the Laws of the Universe and your Goals and Dreams will come alive. Use Science and your life will glow with Joy and Prosperity.

The Alchemist Leader


You may feel like I sometimes do that I am not even halfway to my goal. You may feel worn down, picked on, overwhelmed, or stuck. Do not get down on yourself. Learn and apply Skills & Techniques to your leadership skills. As you learn the skills & techniques of a leader. You will come to know how you can have the career that you want. You will be the leader that everyone wants to follow. You will do the things necessary to create a fun, motivated team that wants to be more productive. The Alchemist Leader: Building Trust and Productivity During Team Meetings.

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