Month: February 2021

Essential Sales Skills for Leaders, with Coach Rob Elliott

Even if you do not believe that you are a salesperson you are.  You are always selling your vision or mission. You are selling your system for success. You are selling your term on why they should follow your lead.  Yet some of you must go out and sale the public on your organization.  Rob Elliot is the coach that you need to hear today.  A New Thought Coach Rob can help you and your staff master the leadership equation. — Support this podcast:...

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Quyen Nguyen – What message are you sending?

During you busy professional life are you aware of the impact you are having on others? Are you aware of the message you are sending with your marketing material?  Let’s learn from an expert a Business “Anthropologist”, Problem Solver, Digital Psychology Specialist Quyen Nguyen. — Support this podcast:...

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