Month: February 2020

Four Ways Leaders Can Gain Value from AI and Advanced Analytics

Shared from Knowledge Wharton University Penn – Jan. 15 2020 The more you learn the more you become a Leader GEDaniels II Advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning are arguably the most powerful general-purpose technologies invented since the dawn of modern computing. Extracting value from these is an imperative for business and society. It requires a deeper understanding and self-reflection among leaders of human strengths and frailties in contrast to that of modern, software-based machines and algorithms, writes Ravi Bapna in this opinion piece. Bapna is a professor of business analytics and information systems at the University of...

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Five Essential Skills of Leaders Part 1

Paperwork Office politics Production snafu Customer service issues Isolation Lack of honest feedback Lack of emotional intelligence Lacking skills and techniques Lack of communication skills Meeting to inspire others Developing employees Leading a team Handling change Having high-energy all the time Creating leaders Encouraging employees to take ownership Learning new technologies A leader, how do you handle the above challenges? I’m willing to bet that if you could sit down and think for a moment you probably could add more items to the list. You need Skills and Techniques and not a sales pitch. How do we handle these...

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