Month: February 2022

The Power of Creativity

My arm was in a sling, but I wasn’t worried because I knew that everything would be okay. How could it not? We were all there together making history and celebrating our triumph. It was the 2023 Leadership Summit of Solutions. And it had turned out to be even more successful than any of us ever could have imagined. We’d pulled off something no one else in the world had done before. We used creativity to solve problems and create solutions…to deal with forces most people never even dreamed existed. If we could pull this off, what couldn’t we...

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Three Minute Pitch

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I want to give you just a quick, very quick overview and will be happy to answer any of your questions. We are creating an environment to create solutions, a summit of solutions. Why is this important? We want to allow companies or organizations to create a legacy of excellence and allow you to create a legacy for yourself. A legacy that lasts over 100 years after you have gone. We want to give ownership to your team and create loyalty within your team for the organization. In other words, reduce your turnover. We want to help you create loyalty and trust with your clients. So your organization does not go the way of Sears & Roebuck. And most importantly, we want to help you help others. An environment to create solutions will focus on four areas. You may choose individually, or your team may choose which one of these areas they want to focus on.  Human capital, for example, reducing turnover in your company. Hunger, no child hungry in your community may be an area of focus. Environmental Concerns. And Education to even the field. Here is how we will do it. Sunday would be your arrival day. You’re going to have a “Get to Know Your Teammates’ Reception.” You will create synergy and reduce those six...

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