Month: September 2022

Moving Mountains with Barb Monson

You’re stuck. You know you were meant for more, but you don’t know how to get there. It’s hard to break out of your routine and make a change. Especially when it feels like the whole world is telling you that you have to do what they want you to do. How To Move A Mountain by Barb Monson will help you find your way. With this book, audio course, and online community, you’ll be able to create a life that’s meaningful and purposeful for you. “Vision Casting” that they can download for free with the code “TOUCHSTONE.” Here is the link to the class: — Support this podcast:...

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Preventing Burnout: The Demand-Control-Support Model-Knowledge at Wharton

Avoid Burnout Clipped from: this Nano Tool for Leaders, Wharton’s Adam Grant shares insights about how burnout can be prevented and reduced — even in high-pressure jobs. Nano Tools for Leaders® — a collaboration between Wharton Executive Education and Wharton’s Center for Leadership and Change Management — are fast, effective tools that you can learn and start using in less than 15 minutes, with the potential to significantly impact your success. Contributor: Adam Grant, Wharton management professor and author of Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know. The GoalReduce emotional exhaustion using three powerful approaches....

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