Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I want to give you just a quick, very quick overview and will be happy to answer any of your questions.

We are creating an environment to create solutions, a summit of solutions. Why is this important? We want to allow companies or organizations to create a legacy of excellence and allow you to create a legacy for yourself. A legacy that lasts over 100 years after you have gone.

We want to give ownership to your team and create loyalty within your team for the organization.

In other words, reduce your turnover.

We want to help you create loyalty and trust with your clients. So your organization does not go the way of Sears & Roebuck.

And most importantly, we want to help you help others.

An environment to create solutions will focus on four areas. You may choose individually, or your team may choose which one of these areas they want to focus on. 

Human capital, for example, reducing turnover in your company.

Hunger, no child hungry in your community may be an area of focus.

Environmental Concerns.

And Education to even the field.

Here is how we will do it.

Sunday would be your arrival day. You’re going to have a “Get to Know Your Teammates’ Reception.” You will create synergy and reduce those six degrees of separation.

The framework for solutions will begin day one, a paradigm shift day. Guest experts share their game plan and case studies of how they created a solution for their tribe and community. They are not there to tell you the solution, just the method. They are there to share how they solved these issues in their community to open your thought process to help create synergy. They are there to share case studies and how they would do it differently now.

You will be able to look at each area and begin the process of creating your team.

We will invite Fortune 100 Company Leaders, Leaders from the Nonprofit Health Care and Education sectors, Women Leaders from all industries, and

Graduate Business Students.

We will create a new paradigm with unique opportunities to help make a difference, for example, an improv show that you will be a part of on Inclusion.

You can participate in the escape room experience, based upon teamwork to solve problems

A dinner of inclusion, and a few other events.

Day two thru five are dedicated to building your Blueprint for solutions.

Every one of these areas, whether it’s environmental, whether it’s human capital, education, hunger, no matter what areas, you’re going to have an expert helping you frame the solution. Again, helping you prepare it, helping you put the Blueprint together. The Blueprint means a checklist of what your team wants to do and how your team will do it. So, our experts’ job is to make sure that your checklist is what you need it to be.

Day two through five, you will be working hard. By the way, you will be working some nights as well. We are after solutions.

You’re here to build solutions, and that is hard work. If you just want to hear someone talk about what the problem is, you don’t want to be here. If you just want to craft a press release to look good in the public eye you don’t want to be here.

Day five is also your commitment day. What are your next steps going to be? What’s your follow-up schedule?

A few people will have dinner with our celebrity speaker on the final night. And then she’ll deliver a keynote address.

And then we’ll have a start of work celebration.

Day six will be departure day.

Please, what question can I answer for you?