Employees are happiest when they are productive. If an employee feels that they are making a difference for the organization, they feel successful. Gallup research show that employees are happiest when they can focus on their strength 80% of the day. Reaching the 80% level may or may not be desirable, but having employees know that they are making a difference is possible.

Remember, it is the contributions of everyone that makes a difference in the level of your success. From the person that makes the company a lot of money to the individual that is living out the essential values of the company but not generating revenue. 

You should acknowledge the Receptionist, Janitor, Parking Lot Attendant, Dishwasher maybe even more than the high revenue-generating employee. Without them being the sound infrastructure of your company, productivity will fall off.

Create opportunities to develop your employees. If you have taken any of my courses or read some of my work, you know what is coming next. Developing your team is your number one job.

Do you want to reduce turnover, increase productivity, increase collaboration? Make it your number one job to develop your team.  You can do this by listening to them to hear when and where they should be and want to be developed.

Develop your team.