Do you know what you want?  Are you so clear on what it is that you want you can explain in 10 seconds or less? Do you have the sense of clarity that is so clear that everyone understands you purpose in 5 seconds or less? Are you such a believe that others what a part of what you believe in? People want to follow you because of your purpose.  

Write it out what is your purpose and be very concise. 

Each waking moment know that you are living toward you Definiteness of Purpose.  Notice I did not say in the morning spend time meditating on it.  You need to make sure that all your active is on your purpose.  This requires you ask better questions of yourself all day long. 

Is what I am doing going to help me achieve? 

Remember that you will grow with proper rest not just pushing for results.  Creativity is at its best after rest. Production is at its best of rest. Exercise has the most effect with rest.   

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point for all achievement ~W. Clement Stone