How to give feedback

Are you one of the few that does not like giving feedback, don’t worry it is many others that feel this way it is not a few it is many. Nearly 45% of managers avoid giving negative feedback, according to Zenger/Folkman development consultancy.

Here are a few techniques that will help with the feedback process.

Share your feedback right away. 
This should be the case for both positive and negative. You may have read that it is best to deliver bad news mid-morning, do not wait for a particular time, provide the news as soon as you can.

Be mindful of anything your employees might be going through in their personal lives that will make this conversation tough. Be prepared and be ready to deliver the tough discussion anyway.

Start the feedback session with a question.
Is it okay if I share some feedback with you about yesterday’s conference with Xyz? I wanted to discuss your work on the Xyz project what are your thoughts on your level of success?

Understand the employees’ personality type so that you can communicate with them in a manner that they can hear you.

Most importantly, always look for a way to give positive feedback.  70% of your feedback to each employee should be positive. Go look for the positive. Sharing positive feedback will create a culture of trust, accountability, and productivity.