When it comes to customer service, the experience you provide can be the difference between a loyal customer and one who is not. If you’re looking to create a fantastic customer service experience that will have your customers hungry for your company’s services or products, look no further. This small restaurant in Denver, Colorado, in the Park Hill Community, “Mississippi Boy Catfish and Ribs,” can be an example.

The best way to provide excellent customer service is by building a community of loyal followers. This will help you create lasting relationships with your customers. They are more likely to tell others how wonderful their experience was. A successful business needs an ever-growing base, and the best way to start is to build a community. Building a community takes time, yet it’s worth every moment spent making sure all bases are covered.

Mississippi Boy Catfish and Ribs restaurant here in Denver, Colorado, has excellent food, and that is really only the start. They have a culture of creating a welcoming environment letting everyone know that they are part of a community. They have a high standard for customer service, cleanliness, and the quality of what is served. Most importantly, they understand the value of being a significant player in the community. If you have not been there, I highly recommend it. (address information below)

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In part one of this blog, let’s talk about building a community. It’s been said that people do business with people they know, like, and trust. So how do you become a trusted business in your community?

One way is by becoming involved in the community itself. For example, the Mississippi Boy Catfish and Ribs Restaurant supports the neighborhood by just being there. The HIGH standards of cleanliness, food preparation, and customer service forced another restaurant a couple of doors down to try and upgrade their service or go out of business. People within the community no longer need to drive downtown or to another community to find great Ribs and Catfish. The elderly are considered honored citizens and will not be rushed to place an order, and they are listened to. A great customer service experience and a great product can make all the difference for the community.

What are some other ways you could get involved in your community? You could:
-join the Chamber of Commerce
-attend city council meetings
-volunteer for a local nonprofit
-start a business networking group
-become a mentor at a local school or college
These are just a few ideas.

This is a simple thought that I personally have missed in the past. “Be a part of the community because your customers are a part of the community. The community takes care of the people in it and the community grows your business.

My parents went to the Mississippi Boy Catfish and Ribs for dinner with friends a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, my dad took a nasty fall as he got out of his car. The community, the restaurant came together to offer assistance faster and more freely and willingly than you can imagine. This evening the restaurant was packed, standing room only. And by the way, people go to this restaurant and will eat standing up. People enjoying their meals in the restaurant stopped eating and rallied to my dad’s aid. They helped him get into the restaurant, took care of my Mother, and did everything until I arrived. (My dad will not go to the hospital or see a doctor unless there is an executive order from President Biden.) He wasn’t having any of that. I was there in less than 10 minutes, and I was amazed that the owner and his assistant stayed close to make sure he was okay despite being super busy. This incident did not happen on their property. It happened in the street. They were not working to avoid a lawsuit. They were helping a citizen in the community. People in the restaurant were assisting another member of the community. Because when you go to this restaurant, you are part of the community. People will drive from the other side of town to enjoy the food and discover they are part of a community. When you offer excellent customer service and excellent products, the community returns to your restaurant Time After Time creating a community. A community that takes care of your business in the community as well.

Being part of and building a community is a key to a successful business. In part two of this series, we’ll explore how having a solid mission and happy employees work to create a great organization. Stay tuned!

Mississippi Boy Catfish and Ribs, 5544 E 33rd Ave, Denver, CO 80207

Part of the Park Hill Community