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Let’s Talk About Sleep

When it comes to working out, you know that what you do in the gym is
important. But what you do outside the gym — what you eat, what you drink,
and especially how you sleep, is just as crucial.
In fact, you must sleep in order for exercise to actually work. Sleep gives your
body time to recover, conserve energy, and repair and build up the muscles
worked during exercise.
When we get enough good quality sleep, the body produces growth hormone.
Improving quality of sleep is a big part of the process of achieving your fitness
goals, alongside good recovery, as well as optimizing your health.

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Caffeine & Food

Caffeine has a numerous benefits and it is consumed by a large percentage
of the population.
A single dose of espresso can enhance focus, energy and even boost your
sports performance hence why it is often consumed pre-workout or added
into pre-workout drinks.

Lower Body Temperature & Cortisol

Body and bedroom temperature will profoundly impact sleep quality. As you
may have experienced during the summer or in hot locations, it can be very hard
to get a good night’s sleep when it’s too warm

Healthy Circadian Rhythm

Your circadian rhythm helps control your daily schedule for sleep and
wakefulness. This rhythm is tied to your 24-hour body clock, and most living
things have one. The circadian rhythm is influenced by outside things like light
and dark, as well as other factors. Your brain receives signals based on your
environment and activates certain hormones, alters your body temperature, and
regulates your metabolism to keep you alert or draw you to sleep.

Limit Screen Time & Clear Your Mind

Blue light has a huge impact on your circadian rhythm, tricking your brain
into thinking it is still daytime and releasing higher amounts of stress

As Dark As A Cave

The room has to be as dark as possible.

End The Day With Positivity

A grateful log is a log in which you write things you are grateful for.
It’s pretty simple: write down a minimum of 3 things that you are grateful for
that day. It’s like you’re resetting the short term memory in your computer.

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