Drew and I are two vastly different people, but it feels like we have one thing in common: a passion for success. Drew is a talented musician who loves being on stage and playing his music to the world. The band Drew works with is immensely popular in Denver, Colorado. The dance floor is always filled with people shouting their approval of what is happening on stage. However, whenever Drew has the spotlight on him, the audience turns its full attention to him. All eyes and all their energy are sent his way. People are so engaged that they forget to dance. He is the star of the show for that brief time.

On the other hand, I have been called the second biggest Geek on the planet. I am working with a small publishing company. Our organization is starting to build its clientele. We are determined to reach the top and build an organization that will last well past my death. Creating a legacy is our goal.

We want to improve despite Drew and I working in different industries. As part of the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” I know the principle of synergy or the power of creating partnerships with others to improve. I needed to know each person to learn and improve. Synergy, creating partnerships with others, opens exciting new opportunities even if you do not know the other person.

I wanted to know how Drew could connect with the audience without saying a word. What was the secret of presenting the same program night after night and keeping it fresh? How he dealt with the emotions when it came time to rehearse or practice daily. I wanted the skill set that this musician was using to captivate the audience while also creating something unique. Leadership strategies, synergized knowledge, designed specifically from a musician and their performance are what I want to learn and bring to the table for our company.

In no time at all, the answer popped into my head. “Passion.” Drew has a passion for what he is doing and shares that passion every moment while on stage. His passion causes him to perfectly practice every day. His passion causes him to understand his influence on the audience. His passion may even cause him to enjoy life—the passion for creating and writing his ticket for success.

I dream of building my publishing business into a highly sought-after source of knowledge to help leaders create a legacy. The pure power of synergy opened my eyes to bring the fire, bringing the passion always. Synergy can quickly improve the quality of leadership skills that you bring to the table. Drew’s most recent performance will have a long-lasting effect on my small organization as we grow. Synergy has helped countless others achieve greater heights of success than ever before – proving that sometimes you can learn and find wisdom by looking outside your comfort zone for invaluable insight into achieving greatness!

Thank you, Andrew Buckner, Lead Guitarist with Phillip Lamar & Paizley Park Band

What is synergy? Merriam-Webster defines it as “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”

What is Synergy and How Can it Help You Create a Legacy

In other words, when multiple elements come together to create a greater whole, that’s synergy. And it can be harnessed in many ways – especially by leaders looking to create a legacy.

Synergy is about taking advantage of complementary strengths and making the most of them. It is an essential tool for any leader who wants to get the most out of their team and achieve remarkable things. So how can you tap into this power? Read on to find out!

Synergy is

Synergy is a concept that can be used to describe the effect of two or more things working together to produce an effect more remarkable than the sum of their parts. At its core, synergy is about tapping into synergistic forces to achieve objectives that could not otherwise be realized if the parts in question were to operate independently. Synergy is not just applicable among people, but also between machines and systems, procedures and actions, ideas, and realms of knowledge. We must recognize the power of synergy and embrace it as an effective tool that can drive meaningful progress and development in our personal lives and larger professional environments.

How it Helps

Throughout history, advances in technology have helped people in myriad ways. In transportation, for example, the development of ships and internal combustion engines has allowed global trade and travel to become much easier and faster. In health care, diagnostic tools such as x-rays, CAT scans, and MRIs allow doctors to boost diagnostic accuracy and provide more effective treatments than ever before. Finally, computers enhance communication between people worldwide by providing a secure medium for video calls, emails, text messages, and more. In today’s connected world, such communication forms are invaluable and vital to staying in touch with others during distress or hardship. Technology has enabled unprecedented progress over the past century – streamlining processes and connecting us like never before.

Use Synergy

Creating your legacy takes desire, discipline, and synergy. Synergy is the cornerstone of a triumphant legacy as it involves recognizing how working with others can produce an outcome beyond what one could achieve on their own. Achieving this requires leveraging networks, identifying shared objectives, and being open to each person’s unique contribution. By collaborating in these ways, opportunities for achieving something larger emerge. Such cooperation leads to not only a greater sense of accomplishment, but also a legacy that was created through synergy.

Increase Productivity and Achieve Goals

There are several ways to increase productivity and achieve goals in life. To do this, start by identifying your long and short-term goals, writing them down clearly, and setting realistic deadlines for yourself. Make sure to prioritize tasks that are important to you. Try to organize your space for increased efficiency so that all necessary materials are easily accessible. Resilience will be vital as reaching any destination requires effort and perseverance – be encouraged if you encounter setbacks. It is also wise to break more significant tasks into smaller achievable pieces to make progress easier to monitor and ensure that you remain on track. Finally, delegating tasks can help manage large projects or workloads. By utilizing these strategies and staying motivated, productivity can be achieved for any goal set forth!

Act and Start Creating Your Legacy Today

From recent events, we need to take ownership of our actions and create a positive legacy for ourselves. Every day is an opportunity to create a lasting impact and contribute something meaningful for the future. Whether through charity, volunteer activities, or other organizations, each small action today helps build the world we desire tomorrow. It is important to remember that our legacies will last beyond our lifetimes. Let us strive to make our lives a legacy of excellence. So, when it comes time for us and others to reflect on it, we will be remembered with pride and gratitude. Now more than ever, let us take advantage of these moments and start creating our legacies today.


Synergy is a powerful tool that can help you achieve anything you desire. By understanding how it works and using the principles we have shared, you can create your legacy of success. Start applying these tips today to increase productivity and achieve your goals.

Following these steps and strategies can increase productivity and build your legacy. Remember to be consistent, stay focused on your objectives, and not be discouraged if you encounter setbacks. With perseverance and the right strategies, you can achieve any goal you set for yourself.

1            Identify long and short-term goals

2            Write down goals clearly

3            Set realistic deadlines

4            Prioritize important tasks

5            Organize your space for increased efficiency

6            Stay resilient and persevere

7            Break larger tasks into smaller pieces

8            Delegate tasks as needed

9            Stay motivated

What will your legacy be?