What are you thinking about? When are you thinking about it?  

Do you find yourself visualizing any of these without conscious effort?  

  • an argument with someone you care about 
  • being lonely, or unheard 
  • being unproductive  
  • seeing yourself short of energy causing problems though out the day 
  • being short of money to complete a project 
  • failing in the future 

If you are like most of us you found yourself having at least one of these visualizations every single day.  

Why do we have so many negative thoughts in our mind that appear without conscious effort?  

Developing your Self-awareness will help you stop thinking so many negative thoughts and start building a better life for yourself. Become aware of your thoughts. Ask yourself why did I go down that path? 

This is just phase one of the process of building self-awareness. Spend some time over the next few weeks paying attention to what thoughts appear automatically in your mind and what might have caused them.